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Notice Marks used in European Inland Waterways

The tags defined on this page will render in various nautical charts.

Tagging notice marks in OSM

Notice marks can exist alone or be added to beacons. Where a notice mark is used alone, it should carry the tag "seamark:type=notice" plus one of the attribute tags listed below.

+ seamark:notice:function=*         ( prohibition | regulation | restriction | recommendation | information )
+ seamark:notice:category=*
+ seamark:notice:system=cevni

The tables below detail the values to be used for "seamark:notice:category" tags. See also CEVNI Lateral Marks.

Prohibitory signs

These signs should also carry the tag: "seamark:notice:function=prohibition".

Notice Symbol ...notice:category Where used
A1 Notice A1.png no_entry
A1a Notice A1a.png closed_area
A2 Notice A2.png no_overtaking
A3 Notice A3.png no_convoy_overtaking
A4 Notice A4.png no_passing
A4.1 Notice A4 1.png no_convoy_passing
A5 Notice A5.png no_berthing
A5.1 Notice A5 1.png no_berthing_lateral_limit
A6 Notice A6.png no_anchoring
A7 Notice A7.png no_mooring
A8 Notice A8.png no_turning
A9 Notice A9.png no_wash
A10a Notice A10a.png no_passage_left
A10b Notice A10b.png no_passage_right
A12 Notice A12.png no_motor_craft
A13 Notice A13.png no_sport_craft
A14 Notice A14.png no_waterskiing
A15 Notice A15.png no_sailing_craft
A16 Notice A16.png no_unpowered_craft
A17 Notice A17.png no_sailboards
A18 Notice A18.png no_high_speeds
A19 Notice A19.png no_launching_beaching
A20 Notice A20.png no_waterbikes

Mandatory signs

These signs should also carry the tag: "seamark:notice:function=regulation".

Notice Symbol ...notice:category Where used
B1a Notice B1a.png move_to_left
B1b Notice B1b.png move_to_right
B2a Notice B2a.png move_to_port
B2b Notice B2b.png move_to_starboard
B3a Notice B3a.png keep_to_port
B3b Notice B3b.png keep_to_starboard
B4a Notice B4a.png cross_to_port
B4b Notice B4b.png cross_to_starboard
B5 Notice B5.png stop
B6 Notice B6.png speed_limit
B7 Notice B7.png sound_horn
B8 Notice B8.png keep_lookout
B9a Notice B9a.png give_way_junction
B9b Notice B9b.png give_way_crossing
B11 Notice B11.png make_radio_contact

Restrictive signs

These signs should also carry the tag: "seamark:notice:function=restriction".

Notice Symbol ...notice:category Where used
C1 Notice C1.png limited_depth
C2 Notice C2.png limited_headroom
C3 Notice C3.png limited_width
C4 Notice C4.png navigation_restrictions
C5a Notice C5a.png channel_distance_left
C5b Notice C5b.png channel_distance_right

Recommendatory Signs

These signs should also carry the tag: "seamark:notice:function=recommendation"

Notice Symbol ...notice:category Where used
D1a Notice D1a.png channel_two_way
D1b Notice CD1b.png channel_one_way
D2a Notice D2a.png opening_to_right
D2b Notice CD2b.png opening_to_left
D3a Notice D3a.png proceed_to_left
D3b Notice CD3b.png proceed_to_right

Informative Signs

These signs should also carry the tag: "seamark:notice:function=information"

Notice Symbol ...notice:category Where used
E1 Notice E1.png entry_permitted
E2 Notice E2.png overhead_cable
E3 Notice E3.png weir
E4a Notice E4a.png ferry_non_independent
E4b Notice E4b.png ferry_independent
E5 Notice E5.png berthing_permitted
E5.1 Notice E5 1.png berthing_lateral_limit
E5.2 Notice E5 2.png berthing_lateral_limits
E5.3 Notice E5 3.png berth_rafting_limit
E5.4 Notice E5 4.png berthing_unmarked_pushing
E5.5 Notice E5 5.png berthing_marked_pushing_1
E5.6 Notice E5 6.png berthing_marked_pushing_2
E5.7 Notice E5 7.png berthing_marked_pushing_3
E5.8 Notice E5 8.png berthing_unmarked_non_pushing
E5.9 Notice E5 9.png berthing_marked_non_pushing_1
E5.10 Notice E5 10.png berthing_marked_non_pushing_2
E5.11 Notice E5 11.png berthing_marked_non_pushing_3
E5.12 Notice E5 12.png berthing_unmarked
E5.13 Notice E5 13.png berthing_marked_1
E5.14 Notice E5 14.png berthing_marked_2
E5.15 Notice E5 15.png berthing_marked_3
E6 Notice E6.png anchoring_permitted
E7 Notice E7.png mooring_permitted
E7.1 Notice E7 1.png vehicle_loading_berth
E8 Notice E8.png turning_area
E9a Notice E9a.png secondary_waterway_crossing
E9b Notice E9b.png secondary_waterway_right
E9c Notice E9c.png secondary_waterway_left
E9d Notice E9d.png main_waterway_right_secondary_ahead
E9e Notice E9e.png main_waterway_left_secondary_ahead
E9f Notice E9f.png main_waterway_right_secondary_left
E9g Notice E9g.png main_waterway_left_secondary_right
E9h Notice E9h.png main_waterway_right_secondary_ahead_left
E9i Notice E9i.png main_waterway_left_secondary_ahead_right
E10a Notice E10a.png main_waterway_crossing
E10b Notice E10b.png main_waterway_junction
E10c Notice E10c.png main_waterway_ahead_right
E10d Notice E10d.png main_waterway_ahead_left
E10e Notice E10e.png main_waterway_ahead_right_secondary_left
E10f Notice E10f.png main_waterway_ahead_left_secondary_right
E11 Notice E11.png prohibition_ends
E13 Notice E13.png drinking_water
E14 Notice E14.png telephone
E15 Notice E15.png motor_craft_permitted
E16 Notice E16.png sport_craft_permitted
E17 Notice E17.png waterskiing_permitted
E18 Notice E18.png sailing_craft_permitted
E19 Notice E19.png unpowered_craft_permitted
E20 Notice E20.png sailboards_permitted
E21 Notice E21.png high_speeds_permitted
E22 Notice E22.png launching_beaching_permitted
E23 Notice E23.png radio_information
E24 Notice E24.png waterbikes_permitted


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