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Public-images-osm logo.svg seamark:bridge:clearance_height_open
Seamark lifting-bridge.png
vertical clearance of an opened moveable bridge
Group: Maritime
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The tags defined on this page will render in various nautical charts (zoom-level 16 and higher).

An other example: Navigable Waterways, Europe (zoom-levels 1-13)

For routing purpose, the tag should be placed on the waterway beneath the bridge.

This page defines tags for the attributes of bridges.

Type S100 code seamark:type Definition
Bridge BRIDGE bridge A structure erected over a body of water to provide a roadway for vehicles, pedestrians or to carry utility services.

This page defines values for the "seamark:bridge:category=*" tags and other attributes applied to fog signals.


Category (CATBRG) seamark:bridge:category Definition Photo
Fixed bridge fixed A bridge having permanent horizontal and vertical alignment.
Opening bridge opening A bridge that is closed when set for carrying road traffic and open when set to permit marine traffic to pass through the waterway it crosses.
Swing bridge swing A movable bridge (or span thereof) which rotates in a horizontal plane about a vertical pivot to allow the passage of vessels. MovableBridge swing.gif
Lifting bridge lifting A movable bridge (or span thereof) which is capable of being lifted vertically to allow vessels to pass beneath. MovableBridge lift.gif
Bascule bridge bascule A counterpoise bridge rotated in a vertical plane about an axis at one or both ends. MovableBridge draw.gif
Pontoon bridge pontoon A fixed floating bridge supported by pontoons.
Drawbridge drawbridge A general name for bridges of which part or the entire span of the bridge may be raised or drawn aside to allow ships to pass through. Drawbridge.gif
Transporter bridge transporter A bridge that has towers on each side of the waterway connected by a girder system on which a carriage runs. MovableBridge transport.gif
Foot bridge footbridge A bridge structure used only for pedestrian traffic.
Viaduct viaduct A long bridge consisting of a series of beams, spans or girders (of steel, timber or concrete) supported on towers or piers and used to carry a road, railroad, etc.
Aqueduct aqueduct A bridge supporting an artificially elevated channel, for the conveyance of water.
Suspension bridge suspension A fixed bridge consisting of either a roadway or a truss suspended from two or more cables which pass over towers and are anchored by backstays to a firm foundation. Bridge-suspension-anchorages.svg

Other Attributes

Attribute seamark:bridge:<attribute> Value type Definition
Horizontal clearance (HORCLR) clearance_width Decimal The width that is available for safe navigation.
Vertical clearance (VERCLR) clearance_height Decimal The vertical clearance measured from the surface plane towards the object overhead.
Vertical clearance, closed (VERCCL) clearance_height_closed Decimal The vertical clearance the bridge in closed condition measured from the surface plane towards the object overhead.
Vertical clearance, open (VERCOP) clearance_height_open Decimal The vertical clearance of the bridge in opened condition measured from the surface plane towards the object overhead.

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