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A permanent offshore structure, either fixed or floating, used in the production of oil or natural gas. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Marine
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Offshore platform

The tags defined on this page will render in various nautical charts.

This page defines values for the "seamark:platform:category" tags and other attributes applied to offshore platforms.

Object S-100 OSM Element object key IHO Definition
Offshore platform OFSPLF nodearea platform A permanent offshore structure, either fixed or floating, used in the production of oil or natural gas.


Classification of an offshore raised structure.

Category (CATOFP) seamark:platform:category Definition
Oil derrick/rig oil A temporary mobile structure, either fixed or floating, used in the exploration stages of oil and gas fields.
Production platform production A term used to indicate a permanent offshore structure equipped to control the flow of oil or gas. It does not include entirely submarine structures.
Observation/research platform observation A platform from which one's surroundings or events can be observed, noted or recorded such as for scientific study.
Articulated loading platform (ALP) alp A metal lattice tower, buoyant at one end and attached at the other by a universal joint to a concrete filled base on the sea bed. The platform may be fitted with a helicopter platform, emergency accommodation and hawser/hose retrieval.
Single anchor leg mooring (SALM) salm A rigid frame or tube with a buoyancy device at its upper end , secured at its lower end to a universal joint on a large steel or concrete base resting on the sea bed, and at its upper end to a mooring buoy by a chain or wire.
Mooring tower mooring A platform secured to the sea bed and surmounted by a turntable to which ships moor.
Artificial island artificial_island A man-made structure usually built for the exploration or exploitation of marine resources, marine scientific research, tidal observations, etc.
Floating production, storage and offloading vessel (FPSO) fpso An offshore oil/gas facility consisting of a moored tanker/barge by which the product is extracted, stored and exported.
Accommodation platform accommodation A platform used primarily for eating, sleeping and recreation purposes.
Navigation, communication and control buoy (NCCB) nccb A floating structure with control room, power and storage facilities, attached to the sea bed by a flexible pipeline and cables.

Other Attributes

Attribute (S-100) seamark:platform:<attribute> Value type Definition
Colour (COLOUR) colour List There is a set of standard colours defined in the S-100 attribute catalogue, see Seamarks/Colours#Colours.
Pattern (COLPAT) colour_pattern List A painted platform with more than one colour can be specified by listing those colours in a semi-colon separated list, see Seamarks/Colours#Colour Patterns.
Nature of construction (NATCON) construction List The platform's primary construction material, see Seamarks/General Attributes#Nature of construction (NATCON).
Condition (CONDTN) condition Enumeration See Seamarks/General_Attributes#Condition_.28CONDTN.29
Height (HEIGHT) height Decimal The value of the vertical distance to the highest point of the platform, measured from a specified vertical datum (typically, mean sea level). Example: Highest point of platform is 28.5 m above MSL. Answer: seamark:platform:height=28.5.]
Product (PRODCT) product List See Seamarks/General_Attributes#Product_.28PRODCT.29
Conspicuous, radar (CONRAD) reflectivity Enumeration Platform's ability to be detected by radar, see Seamarks/General_Attributes#Conspicuous.2C_radar_.28CONRAD.29
Conspicuous, visually (CONVIS) visibility Enumeration Platform's ability to be clearly seen and identified, see Seamarks/General_Attributes#Conspicuous.2C_visually_.28CONVIS.29


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