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Describes that a feature is related to buddhism Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: Religion
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Status: de facto

An additional classification tag to add to a temple, cemetery etc. which belongs a  Buddhist religion.

How to map

This tag is used with another main tag, e.g. amenity=place_of_worship or landuse=cemetery. See also the main tag's page for usage.

In addition, you can add tags as below:

Denominations of Buddhism

Mahayana Schools
denomination=gelug  Gelug
denomination=huayan  Huayan school
denomination=jishu  時宗 (Ji-shū)
denomination=jodo_shinshu  Jōdo Shinshū
denomination=jodo_shu  Jōdo-shū
denomination=nichiren  Nichiren Buddhism
denomination=nyingma  Nyingma
denomination=obaku  Ōbaku
denomination=pure_land  Pure Land Buddhism
denomination=rinzai  Rinzai school
denomination=risshu  Risshū (Buddhism)
denomination=shingon_shu  Shingon Buddhism
denomination=soto  Sōtō
denomination=tiantai  Tiantai
denomination=tibetan  Tibetan Buddhism - most common
denomination=vajrayana  Vajrayana
denomination=won  Won Buddhism
denomination=yogacara  East Asian Yogācāra
denomination=yuzu_nembutsu  Yuzu Nembutsu
denomination=zen  Zen
denomination=tantric Tantric Schools
denomination=theravada Theravada Schools - second most common
denomination=thai_mahanikaya  Maha Nikaya
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