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St Andrew's Church (Kowloon) Service times 2012.jpg
The times of a special service at a feature which is different than the opening hours, e.g, a religious service Show/edit corresponding data item.
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The key service_times=* is generally used for the times of service of a given feature, if this is different from the opening hours or if a special service (like in the case of churches) is offered in this time. Otherwise please use opening_hours=*.


For example in a church or other religious place of worship (amenity=place_of_worship) there are times for worship services and opening_hours=* for the time the place is open for visiting. A nine o'clock Sunday service is represented as Su 09:00. Two services on Sunday might be represented as Su 09:00,18:00. Service between 5 and 7 pm on the first Thursday of the Month is represented as Th[1] 17:00-19:00.

Tagging Syntax

The syntax for the value largely follows Key:opening_hours, except points in time are acceptable in addition to the time ranges used for opening_hours. Please see there for examples.

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