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Deprecated: type of wood Edit or translate this description.
Group: Properties
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This feature has been labeled as deprecated. The recommended replacement is: leaf_type=* and/or leaf_cycle=*.
The reason is documented in Deprecated features. You are still free to continue to use or interpret this tag as you see fit since OpenStreetMap does not have “banned features”.
Under no circumstances should you (semi-)automatically change “deprecated” tags to something else in the database on a large scale without conforming to the automated edits code of conduct. Any such change will be reverted.

wood=* was used to add information to natural=wood or landuse=forest. Please use leaf_type=* and/or leaf_cycle=* instead.

Former values

  • wood=coniferous - coniferous trees are those that have cones, for example pine cone
  • wood=deciduous - deciduous trees are those who have leaves and which fall off during winter.
  • wood=mixed - if the wood has both types of trees select mixed.
  • wood=evergreen - evergreen trees are those that have leave cover in all seasons
  • wood=palm - palm are distinctively different from trees and typical in tropical environs
  • wood=eucalypt - eucalypt is a family of fast growing trees, more common in tropical and subtropical environs

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