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Ruins of a Roman fort
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: zephyr123
Tagging: ruin_type=[[Tag:ruin_type=Anything from historic=*, building=*), man_made=*, amenity=* if applicable|Anything from historic=*, building=*), man_made=*, amenity=* if applicable]]
Applies to: node
Definition: To specify the type of a structure that is now abandoned and in ruins

Rendered as: does not need to be rendered, but could be a dotted outline of the rendering of what the ruin was originally
Draft started:
Proposed on: 2011-04-27

The goal of this proposal is to enhance the historic=ruins tag in order to provide more precise tagging about what type of ruins a ruin is.

The types of ruins vary hugely and are not at all captured by historic=ruins. More detail will be helpful for people interested in knowing what the ruin is e.g. castle, church, house.

The use of lifecycle prefix offers some more possibilities.


Keep the historic=ruins for any type of ruins that is of historical interest and increase details by using an additional, optional tag:

  • ruin_type=* - Tag describing the building/man made structure type it used to be
  • ruins=* - As of 05/2011 the tag ruins (excluding usage of ruins=yes/no) seams used as equivalent of ruin_type=* . (We could propose this one instead of ruin_type, but the goal is the same.)
Exhaustive list : any value approved from historic=*, building=*, man_made=*, amenity=* if applicable)

Both ruin_type=* or ruins=* could also be used as standalone without historic=ruins if the tagged object is of no historical interest.

As of ~ April 2012 ruins=* is used 280 times (excluding yes/no) and ruin_type=* is used 463 times

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This is a refreshed version of an original proposal from User:nop