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Intermittent water
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: *
Tagging: water=tidal,intermittent
Applies to: area
Definition: Intermittant lakes, foreshores, beaches, riverbanks, causeways

Rendered as: Blue hatching
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2007-09-23

For areas or features which are occasionally but not always covered with water - flood plains, riverbanks, variable-height lakes and reservoirs, foreshores and beaches, causeways, paths or tracks on tidal mud/sands, islands in rivers at low water, etc.

Proposal Partially Deprecated (for some purposes) by Proposed features/Wetland areas. However, a major ongoing import of canadian governement data (Canvec) - with a lot of intermittent water areas - has been tagged that way after discussion with the canadian osm community.

See also Proposed features/Intermittent Lake

Image Primary tag Secondary tags Description Suggested rendering
443306 7faefd49.jpg water=tidal surface=sand beach Dark yellow
472751 bbc14dd3.jpg water=tidal surface=mud mudflats Brown/yellow
363943 0250b025.jpg water=tidal surface=rocky rocky foreshore Grey speckle?
386925 2d0ab512.jpg water=tidal surface=gravel beach Same as sand beach?
430146 b81af73f.jpg water=intermittent surface=grass could be tagged as wetland Same as wetland?
457312 b452f31e.jpg water=intermittent surface=sand, hazard=quicksand manmade intermittent lake Same as beach?
Lake urmia.jpg water=intermittent surface=salt intermittent lake Same as beach?
Dynorwic.JPG water=intermittent Rapidly-varying hydroelectric reservoir Same as beach?
Delightful corner of Cornwall - - 344905.jpg water=intermittent surface=mud River banks Brown/yellow


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See also

  • boundary=protected_area class 12 (water: water protection area, fresh water, drinking water, springs, ... ) and class 15 (location condition: floodwater retention area) may be used for area reserved for flood water storage but it is used as farmland inbetween.