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Public-images-osm logo.svg seamark:type = mooring
Mooring bollard at sunset, Lyme Regis.jpg
The equipment or structure used to secure a vessel. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Marine
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The tags defined on this page will render in various nautical charts. This page defines values for the "seamark:mooring:category" tags for objects tagged as "seamark:type=mooring".

See also similar but distinct objects: Anchorage, Anchor Berth, Installation Buoy and Berth

Type S100 code seamark:type Definition
Mooring/Warping facility MORFAC mooring The equipment or structure used to secure a vessel.


Category (CATMOR) seamark:mooring:category Definition Rendering
Dolphin dolphin A post or group of posts, which may support a deck, used for mooring or warping a vessel. Dolphin.png
Deviation dolphin deviation_dolphin A post or group of posts, which a vessel may swing around for compass adjustment. DDolphin.png
Bollard bollard Small shaped post, mounted on a wharf or dolphin used to secure ship's lines. MBollard.png
Tie-up wall wall A tie-up wall is a section of wall designated for tying-up vessels awaiting transit. Bollards and mooring devices are available for both large and small ships.
Post or pile pile A long heavy timber or section of steel, wood, concrete, etc., forced into the seabed to serve as a mooring facility. Post.png
Chain/wire/cable chain A connection between two independent objects e.g. a buoy and pile or between two buoys used as a mooring facility.
Mooring buoy buoy A buoy secured to the bottom by permanent moorings with means for mooring a vessel by use of its anchor chain or mooring lines. Mooring Buoy.png
Ropes from ashore shore_ropes A place where ropes for mooring a vessel given from ashore
Automatic moorings automatic Automatic mooring systems are remotely controlled and require no quayside personnel. The system and its performance are monitored and its status is reported to operations staff in real-time. There are different types of automatic mooring systems.


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