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Woking, Surrey

latitude: 51.3157, longitude: -0.5712
Browse map of Woking 51°18′56.52″ N, 0°34′16.32″ W
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Woking is a town in Surrey at latitude 51°18′56.52″ North, longitude 0°34′16.32″ West.


Cycle Routes

Woking is a cycling demonstration town. It has a series of cycle routes that were named using a planet theme (Mercury, Venus, Earth, etc).

National cycle route 221 was opened on 30th June 2009 along the canal towpath, it has been mapped and appeared on the map on 30th June.

Mars Trail relation 1169843

Saturn Trail relation 160842

Phobos Trail relation 1208606

Pluto Trail relation 1208620

Surrey Cycleway Link relation 1208621

not to be confused with planet trails.