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  • New: routing for XC trails
  • New: weather data for trails
  • New: editable trail status
  • New: experimental relation sanity checking (notice the warning for some relations)
  • Fix: distribute overlapping POIs on zoom-level > 9
  • Fix: also works with chrome and firefox now
  • Fix: reduced number of POIs on low zoom levels


  • track coverage is now worldwide
  • switched from local DEM DB (D/A/CH coverage only) to topocoding.com - worldwide coverage for altitude profiles
  • tracks in the currently visible map area are shown in the sidebar
  • added Nominatim based map search
  • redesigned overall layout a bit


  • switched to local XAPI interface
    • currently, the available XAPI interfaces are slow and unreliable. I therefor create a pgsnapshot based local DB which only includes XC tracks (relations, ways, nodes - tagged as described in Loipemap). This DB is presently updated on a weekly basis (due to CPU and disk space constraints)
    • started this with coverage for Europe only
    • local XAPI interface is based on https://github.com/iandees/xapi-servlet
  • added altitude profile diagrams for tracks