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Possible Enhancements

  • XAPI ... ideally, I wouldn't need to replicate data, if there would be a reliable XAPI server somewhere. However, maybe such servers would always be "crowded" and I'll keep the local replication after all
  • comments and pictures on XC tracks
  • routing for XC tracks ?


  • an altitude profile is rendered based on the order of the ways which make up a relation - as it seems, this order is not always consecutive - which results in altitude "jumps" (because the next way in a relation continues at some other location as the previous way ended)
  • additional info (-> POI icons) is presently only available for relations - not the XC ways which are not part of a relation, maybe that needs to be extended
  • POI overlap: if more than one relation starts at the same location, the POIs overlap, making only one of the selectable -> need to implement a marker cluster
    • or make also the lines selectable
  • Tracks without name don't appear in the list (Generate names in that case, perhaps OSM-ID or something from the attributes (length and grooming))
  • Pistes on a meadow without an underlaying track will not be displayed (example: pistes around Oberstdorf)