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The following pages display source code whose syntax should be enhanced using <syntaxhighlight>...</syntaxhighlight> (or <source>...</source>) but there was an error while parsing it.

Most often, a suitable identification of the programming language is missing in the lang="..." parameter of the tag (e.g. <syntaxhighlight lang="XML">...</syntaxhighlight> or <syntaxhighlight lang="HTML5">...</syntaxhighlight>), or the specified programming language is not supported.

In some cases, the source code is just to large to allow expansion of highlighting styles in this wiki (limit reached on tag content size). In these cases, the embedded source code will just be rendered as a plain preformated paragraph without any internal formatting.

The list of supported languages is actually maintained separately of MediaWiki itself, in its "syntaxhighlight" extension using the GeSHi library.