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About, the Wikipedia key. See collaboration with Wikipedia for information about the broader collaboration with Wikipedia.

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Provides a link to Wikipedia's article about the feature.



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Use wikipedia=language:page title to provide a reference to an article in Wikipedia about the feature.

Using Wikipedia links

A Wikipedia link can be associated with a node, way or relation. It is helpful to:

  • only provide, in normal circumstances, a link to a single Wikipedia article, which should be to the article in the primary language for the subject.
  • include a language prefix, 'en:St Paul's Cathedral', (en: for English, in that case) rather than assuming any particular language as with 'St Paul's Cathedral'
  • use the human readable title of the article, for example 'en:St Paul's Cathedral' rather than the version with underscores and html encoded characters that is used in the URL ('St_Paul%27s_Cathedral')
  • only provide links to articles which are 'about the feature'. A link from St Paul's cathedral in London to an article about St Pauls is fine. A link from a bus depot to the company that operates it is not (see proposals below)
  • provide, for an extensive feature encompassing many individual ways, such as a long railway line or river, a single Wikipedia link from a relation covering the entire feature rather than attaching a link to every single way individually
  • avoid full URLs such as ''.
  • avoid redirects, for example, link to de:Frashër and not to de:Frasher (which is a redirect).


The following examples show the wikipedia link in use; the data is being used to create a link to the Wikipedia article in the appropriate language:

  • wikipedia=en:St Paul's Cathedral (Mf way.png 4959544)
  • wikipedia=fr:Musée du Louvre (Mf way.png 53813362)

Secondary languages

In almost all cases, a single wikipedia tag as described above is sufficient. Data users can access articles in other languages where available using Wikipedia's interlanguage links. If interlanguage links are missing, this should usually be fixed within wikipedia.

One example where it is appropriate to provide additional explicit links to articles in secondary languages is where the subject is included in an article on a broader subject in the secondary language, for example to wikipedia:en=museums in Paris to the English article which provides the best article for the particular museum in France, or wikipedia:fr=places of worship in London which is the best article in French for a particular church in London. In another example the structure of subjects in articles cannot be matched 1:1 with interlanguage links (or maybe there are several articles for the same object). In these circumstances use the format wikipedia:lang=page title for the secondary languages.


There is ongoing discussion on the talk page about how to provide secondary Wikipedia links, for example to the architect, operator or subject of a feature. The following have been proposed:

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This tag is an external reference and is compatible with the tag2link plugin