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Routing Maps

Functionality Computerteddy Openmtbmap.org All in One CloudMade Radkarte
Coverage Global Global - mostly by countries + GER Laender + Continents Germany, Europe By Country/Region only Germany
Routing optimized for mtb/hiking or bicycle (using avoid toll roads), Uphill easy ways are chosen, Downhill more rough ways are chosen (based on keys mtb:scale, mtb:scale:uphill, incline) bicycles

Normal Maps

Functionality Computerteddy Openmtbmap All in One CloudMade Hiking Radkarte
Coverage global globalmosty by countries + GER Laender Germany, Europe global Central Europe: Germany to Hungary, Denmark to Italy, multiple Islands Germany
Update weekly weekly daily weekly ~monthly about every other day
Contour lines optional integrated worldwide Germany No integrated in all areas Germany
Routes shown MTB/Cycle/Walking/Hiking experimental foot, hiking and horse cycle routes
Unnamed streets highlighted No No Yes Yes No No
Style-/Typfiles available Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Displaying tracktypes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Displaying hiking marks No No No No Yes No
Displaying sac_scale No Yes No No Partial No
Displaying mtb:scale / mtb:scale:uphill No Yes - can be disabled via TYP-File No No No No
Build it yourself Yes Scripts available


adapted from Routing/OnlineRouters