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HOT Activations

See HOT Activation for 2017 Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

One-Time Projects

Feature Description Sources Contributors Status
Rivers Map major rivers CRIM Planimetry Hydrography data vramirez122000 In progress
Public Housing Map all public housing projects in Puerto Rico, using Dept. of Housing data + Aerial Imagery Dept. of Housing, Imagery Mariano Drago Zaida Borges igeopr Finished (12/2016)
ATI Bus Routes Map with high detail all routes and stops of Autoridad de Transporte Integrado (ATI) bus network ATI vramirez122000 In progress
Público Bus Routes Map with high detail all routes and stops of the Público bus network that have been confirmed to be still operating. Data.pr.gov Público Routes vramirez122000 In progress
Tren Urbano Map with high detail the Tren Urbano railway and stations. ACT, Imagery vramirez122000 Finished (03/2015)
Highway Exits Before the project there were about half of the total existing exits mapped. The project involved adding the rest using the highway=motorway_junction tag. Some other minor corrections were made on existing exits such as removing name=* tags from highway=motorway_link ways. ACT, Wikipedia igeopr Finished (09/2014)
Forests & Reserves Manually digitize boundaries for all forests and reserves in the source USGS layer with appropiate tags. All forests and reserves have this tag in common: boundary=protected_area. USGS Protected Areas Database. igeopr Finished (05/2014)
Forests and Reserves 2 Import or otherwise manually digitize nature reserves that were not available from USGS layer using public domain data from the Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative igeopr vramirez122000 Finished (11/2016)
Municipios & Barrios See Puerto Rico Legal Boundaries Import. Junta de Planificación vramirez122000 ernestocd igeopr Finished (01/2015)

Ongoing Projects

Feature Description Sources Contributors
Buildings See Municipal Buildings Addresses Import. Import or manually digitize building footprints. Imagery, Municipal building data, data.pr.gov, CRIM Several
Points of Interest (POIs) See Puerto Rico POIs Import. Several Several
Roads See Puerto Rico TIGER Fixup. Full-fledged road fixing and updating. Imagery, Census.gov, ACT igeopr vramirez122000 ctkjose
Municipal Neighborhoods and Landuse See Puerto Rico Municipal Neighborhoods and Landuse Import Various municipalities vramirez122000

Puerto Rico OSM Grid This is an island-wide grid to be used as a reference layer by contributors.

  • GPX grid. For use in JOSM, doesn't contain grid identification number.
  • Shapefile grid. For use in desktop GIS software, contains grid identification number.