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Public-images-osm logo.svg leisure = playground
A place with play equipment for children.
Used on these elements
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Status: Approved

Marks a children's playground. These are outdoor areas with children's play equipment such as swings, climbing frames and roundabouts. They are often part of a larger park, but are also found in residential areas.

How to Map

ElementArea.png Both node and area are useful. For smaller playgrounds, just the node may be placed - and for detailed mapping or a big playground area would be better.

To do so, just draw an area (clock or counter-clockwise) and add the leisure=playground. Same for the node.

Playground equipment

Also useful is a more specific list of playground equipment. More details and information about this tag is available at playground=*.

Additional infrastructure

Additional tags

  • surface=* - grass, sand, rubbercrumb, woodchips etc
  • baby=yes/no if the equipment is primarily designed for babies
  • wheelchair=yes/no/limited if the equipment can be used by wheelchair users
  • walking_disability=yes/no/limited
  • sitting_disability=yes/no/limited if the equipment can be used by those who cannot sit
  • blind=yes/no/limited
  • name=* - of the equipment, not the play area.
  • min_age=* Minimum age of the user in years
  • max_age=* Maximum age of the user in years
  • centralkey=* Where a key is required to access the equipment
  • operator=* - eg, the name of the local council or school
  • name=*
  • access=*
  • opening_hours=*
  • wheelchair=* could also be used on the playground perimeter to show whether a wheelchair user could get into it; it shouldn't be taken to imply that the wheelchair user could use anything in the playground.
  • fee=*
  • supervised=*
  • access=private for playgrounds unavailable to public


Tip: Take care not to look too shifty while photo mapping a playground. Do it from a distance

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