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An outdoor facility where people can practise typical fitness excercises
Group: Sports
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A fitness station is an outdoor facility, a single or a collection of exercise material. This is typically operated by a local government, and free to use for everyone. Often inside a fitness route or a park.

This tag has never gone through any voting process, it's merely a documentation of use.

How to map

Place an Node in the centre of the facility with the tag, or draw an area Area around the surface, and place the tag leisure=fitness_station on it.

If the fitness station is part of a fitness route, make them a member of a route=fitness_trail relation.

Useful combinations

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Photo examples

Old Proposal

amenity=exercise_point - If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag. Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!

Link to old draft proposal http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/exercise_point