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A publicly accessible toilet
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Use amenity=toilets to identify the location of a toilet open to the public.

How to tag

Place a node centrally at the location of the toilet amenities and tag it amenity=toilets. Alternatively draw an area over the toilet building, tag it building=yes and amenity=toilets. Then consider annotating with:

  • toilets:position=* one or more of seated, squat, urinal (e.g. "seated;urinal" if the facility supports both use positions).

Toilets can have complex access rules. Those rules useful to toilets include:

  • access=yes explicitly public and open to whoever walks up (a fee=* may still apply).
  • access=permissive while nominally private, no visible attempt is made to restrict access, and casual use appears to be tolerated by the owners.
  • access=customers while open to the public, the clear policy is to require a purchase prior to use. You may need a key or code to get in. Some people also use access=destination for this.
  • access=private please do not map private toilets using these tags.

Useful combinations include:

  • description=*
  • drinking_water=yes/no if a drinking water source is immediately associated with (usually outside) the toilet. Note: if you have detailed tagging needs, it is cleaner to create a separate node as amenity=drinking_water.
  • fee=yes/no
  • indoor=yes if the toilet entrance is indoors. Outdoor entrances are otherwise assumed.
  • name=*
  • opening_hours=*
  • operator=* name of entity responsible for toilet (e.g. "City of X").
  • supervised=yes/no/interval if the toilet is staffed. Note that a cleaner might expect a tip.
  • wheelchair=yes/no/limited
  • diaper=yes/room/1 (2...) diaper changing tables or separated rooms

Especially for visually impaired users, you can consider adding these tags:

  • entrance=yes
  • female=yes/no for tagging a female-only entrance or area.
  • male=yes/no for tagging a men-only entrance or area.
  • unisex=yes/no for tagging areas or entrances available to all. These are sometimes called 'family toilets'.

Toilets within places

Facilities such as shops and pubs often have toilets inside them for customers, and sometimes free for the public as part of a scheme (e.g. Richmond Council). On the usual tags of amenity=pub, building=yes, shop=* add the following tags and use the 'toilets' namespace.

  • toilets=yes/no this refers to toilets accessible to the public
  • toilets:wheelchair=yes/no/limited this refers to toilets accessible to a member of the public in a wheelchair
  • toilets:access=* see above

Please do not use toilet=yes (singular). In general please do not map toilets that are inaccessible to the public. Many buildings have toilets inside for workers or owners, but mapping these could create needless conflict or unrealistic expectations. Use toilets=no for places you might expect to find a usable toilet (e.g. a railway station or trailhead) where no public toilets are made available.

Other proposed or emerging keys for toilet tagging

  • access=key used if you must first ask for a key or token to access the facility.
  • composting=yes
  • man_made=septic_tank for a nearby septic tank. The toilet itself is likely a "flush" type.
  • toilets:access=customers/public/permissive/ask for key
  • toilets:paper_supplied=yes/no is wiping paper supplied? (Formerly "toilets:byop").
  • toilets:changing_table=yes/no for units with diaper changing tables (DE: Wickeltisch). See also: diaper=yes/room/1 (2...)
  • toilets:handwashing=yes/no are handwashing facilities provided?
  • toilets:scheme=xxx name or URL of community toilet access scheme.
  • pitlatrine:type=xxx variety of pit latrine, such as "Ventilated Improved Pit" or "Dual Vault".


A toilette hidden in an advertising column
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