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Public-images-osm logo.svg natural = wetland
The wetland tag is used for natural areas subject to inundation or with waterlogged ground
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Status: Approved

An area subject to inundation by water, or where waterlogged ground may be present. Examples include swamps, tropical mangroves, tidal, marshland, and bogs. Wetlands are also typically found at the fringes of rivers, lakes or along the coastline.

How to map

ElementArea.png Add natural=wetland to an area. Use wetland=* (See extended usage below) if known.


Currently rendered in Mapnik. Now (since 22.11.2009)[1] also in Osmarender. See suggestion on Discussion page.

Extended usage

  • natural=wetland
    • wetland=marsh - Replacement for the natural=marsh tag. Waterlogged ground and patches of open water, not normally wooded, and more open than a swamp. Different types of low, mostly grass-like herbaceous vegetation (sedges, grasses, rushes).
    • wetland=swamp - An area of waterlogged forest, with dense vegetation.
    • wetland=tidalflat - Tidally inundated areas of bare mud, sand or similar sediments.
    • wetland=wet_meadow - A semi-wetland meadow which is saturated with water throughout much of the year. Can be caused by poor drainage or the receipt of large amounts of rainwater or melted snow or in riparian zones.
    • wetland=bog - A waterlogged area fed by precipitation or ground water, accumulating peat.
    • wetland=reedbed - Reed-bed, an inundated area dominated by certain tall non-woody plants (reeds, bulrushes).
    • wetland=saltmarsh - Coastal marshes, exposed to tidal inundation with sea water, therefore characterised by herbaceous plants with special adaptations to saline environments.
    • wetland=mangrove - Mangroves, tidal forests of salt-tolerant mangrove trees, forming along tropical coastlines.
    • wetland=saltern - Set of pools for natural evaporation of sea-water.
  • tidal=yes/no Indicates if the wetland is subject to temporary inundation based on the tide.
  • managed=* indicates if the wetland is managed in any form.
  • seasonal=* indicates if the wetland is seasonal.
  • ramsar=yes indicates if it is a Ramsar site.

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