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Lufthavn (aeroway)

These are mainly related to aerodromes, airfields other ground facilities that support the operation of airplanes and helicopters. See the page Aeroways for an introduction on mapping these features.

Nøgle(key) Værdi Element Kommentar Rendering Foto
aeroway aerodrome Node Area Lufthavn
Flemingfield looking north.JPG
aeroway apron Area Apron, flyparkeringsområde.
Osmarender apron.png
LKPR sever 2003.jpg
aeroway gate Node Gate. Anvendes til at angive gate nummer (kombiner med ref=*)
Edinburgh Airport gate lounge.jpg
aeroway hangar Node Area Hangar
Delta jet hangar at kemble england arp.jpg
aeroway helipad Node Area Helipad. Helikoptere lander og starter her.
Standard icon helipad.svg
Oryx helicopter.jpg
aeroway heliport Node Area [W] Heliport is used to map the main area details for helicopters.
Heliport Niagara Falls Ontario.jpg
aeroway navigationaid Node [W] Radio navigation aid is used to mark systems that determine a position on the Earth which helps pilots guide their aircraft during flight.
aeroway runway Way Area Start- og landingsbane hvor fly letter og lander.
Rendering-aeroway runway.png
Runways Brussels Airport (7655183522).jpg
aeroway taxilane Way Area Taxilane is a path in an airport that is part of the aircraft parking area or apron (proposed feature with low usage as of 2015-10, use with caution).
aeroway taxiway Way Area Taxibane, rullebane, som forbinder landingsbane og apron.
Rendering-aeroway taxiway.png
F-22A Elmendorf AFB.jpg
aeroway terminal Node Area Terminal, passagerbygning.
aeroway windsock Node Vindpose
Windsock of CCK Air Force Base 20111112.jpg
aeroway brugerdefineret Node Way Se også Taginfo[1] for mere information.

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