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Ireland, Europe
latitude: 53.04, longitude: -7.75
Browse map of Ireland 53°02′24″ N, 7°45′00″ W
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Ireland is a Country in Europe at latitude 53°02′24″ North, longitude 7°45′00″ West. This page contains information relating to mapping activity that is specific to Ireland. There is another wiki page for Northern Ireland


If you have a goal that you are working towards or one that you would like to see get done (and are maybe willing to get the ball rolling) then add it to the list here, create a section where it can be coordinated and tracked, and a way of measuring progress. And then get on with it :-)

National ToDo List

For the most part, to be completed in the following order

Area Specific

  1. Add townlands (This will allow for - Future mapcraft job no.1) - see Ireland/Mapping_Townlands page
  2. Coastline fixes (Future mapcraft job no.2)

POI Specific - including possible govt. sources of data

  1. Post boxes & post offices - Dept. of Communications / An Post
  2. Schools - Dept. of Education
  3. Garda Stations - Dept. of Justice
  4. Medical POIs (doctors, dentists, hospitals etc) - Dept. of Health / HSE

Transport specific - including possible govt. sources of data

  1. Bridge heights (required for freight routing) - Irish rail / NRA
  2. Local road reference numbers - Individual county councils
  3. Bus routes & bus stops - Dept. of Transport / CIE / NRA
  4. Hiking trails & walks - Numerous sources listed on the Ireland/Irish_Waymarked_Walking_Trail_Network page
Mapcraft Job No. 1
A Mapcraft job will be created using the townland boundaries as slices. Possibly do this county-by-county as there is a limit on the file size for slices that mapcraft will allow (512kb's). Objectives to be completed as part of this mapcraft job will be:
  • Check alignment of all previously mapped features (roads, rivers, houses etc) and adjust as necessary to ensure correct alignment with Bing imagery
  • Add any missing features
    • Roads
    • Natural features (rivers, lakes, forests etc)
    • Buildings
  • Use historical maps to name features within each townland
    • Crossroads
    • Bridges
    • Rivers & Lakes
Mapcraft Job No.2
A Mapcraft job will be created focusing solely on coastline (mainland & island) features. The objective of this job will be:
  • Fine tuning of coastline where required
  • Use historical maps to name inlets, sounds, coves, bays, harbours, islands etc
  • Correct tagging of all pier's & slipways
  • Correct tagging of all beaches

Beware of Copyright!

Make sure you are not infringing on any copyright when contributing to OSM. In particular, note that it is not allowed to trace from copyright-protected maps. It is also not allowed to copy streetnames, etc. Read the FAQ and documentation carefully before you start, so that you are aware of any issues that you might not have thought about before.

Contacting Irish Mappers

Feel free to use any of the following methods to contact any of the Irish mappers

Mailing List
Sign up for the mailing list talk-ie@openstreetmap here
Use this link to connect via your web browser

or the following link if using an IRC client irc:// #osm-ie

Ireland sub-forum in the OpenStreetMap Forums
Facebook Group: "OpenStreetMap Ireland"

Ireland Specific Wiki Content

There are a number of additional wiki pages for Ireland. These are used primarily for tracking progress of mapping certain features however a number also contain tagging guidance or advice on methods used. The list below outlines each of these pages.


The new option to tag GAA pitches has been consolidated in favour or predecessors used:

sport=gaelic_games which describes a sport, is not an abbreviation and gives an outsider an initial idea what direction to think of.

The term "Gaelic Games" is used by the GAA themselves.

An icon that can be submitted to renderers is in preparation.

If specific kinds of gaelic games need to be specified, that can be done by sub-tagging:


Previously used tags are now depricated:

In sport=gaelic_football;hurling the semicolon is allowed for tags with multiple values, but some people do not like it. The advantage was that it has a meaning for everybody worldwide what it is, in comparison to sport=gaa, which has no semicolon, an acronym is used with is discouraged, and nobody out of Ireland knows what it means. Capital letters or dots (GAA or G.A.A.) were against tagging rules.

People interested in Ireland

We communicate via localized mailinglist and forum and IRC channel #osm-ie (in oftc net). You can use this link to connect and chat via your web browser.

See also: Category:Users in Ireland


See Ireland/Events

Useful Resources

As always, please respect the copyright of these sites!


Road-related resources

Other mapping/GIS-related resources

Various OSM RSS Feeds for Ireland

Subscribe to these feeds to be kept up to date on changes made in Ireland