2010 Colombia floods/Tasks and Ideas

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Contributor communications channels

Note If you add something to a talk page here which you want to have feedback / input on, post a note to one of the mail lists to ensure that people who do not monitor wiki talk pages are aware of your request.

On the ground

Aid agencies and local people on the ground can add things to the map! The most helpful (and most rewarding) thing would be to learn how to edit OpenStreetMap. Have a read of the Beginners' Guide. If you don't fancy that challenge, simply use OpenStreetBugs to click where we need to change something. Alternatively you might gather data and pass it to people in the OpenStreetMap community to work with. This could be as simple as some notes scribbled on a map (Walking Papers offers some help with this approach) We're also interested in GPS tracks, particularly with accompanying explanation/photo.

On the ground mapping tasks we're particularly interested in:

  • Location of roads, and location of road closures
  • Location of medical facilities and other response resources.
  • Updates on the extent of the floods

Tracking mapping tasks

Use OpenStreetBugs to track mapping tasks and please be bold in removing bugs when they're fixed.

Armchair mapping

As usual we're limited by imagery availability, but there are some ideas for work people can do on the map from afar:

  • PGS Fixup of the riverbanks - Large rivers were imported from PGS (a course-grained image recognition script run on low-res Landsat images to find "coastline" and riverbank) Fixup the classic PGS errors such as the obviously unnatural shaped jadgedy bits from the riverbanks. This often involves deleting a lot of unnecessary nodes.
20101226 (increase)
20101228 (increase)
20110130 (decrease)
20110206 (decrease)
20110221 (almost eliminated)
  • Read the 'About' page, which provides information on what 'duplicate nodes' are and how to interpret whether they are artifacts which should be repaired or not.
  • other ideas

Help with the import of boundaries

If you want to help, please pick a file, whether department or municipality, assign it to yourself, download it, edit it in order to meet the guidelines and finally upload it to OSM.

Loading of Department boundaries has been completed.
Municipality Import Progress