2011 Rio de Janeiro Flooding

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Strong rain between 11th 12th January caused floods and mudslides throughout the hilly regions of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Spot satellite imagery

Spot Image (now part of Astrium Geo-Information Services) has made imagery of the affected area available under the following licence (read before use): http://www.youmapps.org/licenses/EULA-OSM-en.html

Affected towns

The main towns affected:

Satellite imagery request

Thus, the Area Of Interest (AOI) for imagery would be:

  • from -22 to -22.7 degrees of latitude (south)
  • from -42.3 to -43.3 degrees of longitude (west)

(view bbox)

Mapping needs

Blocked roads: Map roads completely or partially blocked to traffic.

See Rodovias da região serrana do Rio permanecem interditadas; veja lista

Team Coordination

Mappers are meeting in conference rooms at Jabber and IRC:


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