2013 Sudan floods

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Information about this intervention

Early August 2013, Khartoum, the Capital city of Sudan, experienced extremely heavy rains that have turned into floods, houses falling, areas drowning, victims. This also causes problems of drinking water supply and sanitation. You can follow the current situation on this Crowdmap. The Humanitarian Response is led on the field by nafeersudan.com (Facebook NafeerInitiative). On mid-September, MapAction, member of the Digital Humanitarian Network like HOT, has deployed two HIM experts in Khartoum to support the information management in the recovery phase. Having direct partners in the field, users of the OSM data, is a real opportunity to get better understanding about the needs of baseline data provided by OSM.

Map of the affected zone (uMAP).

This wiki page is to coordinate remote mapping for HOT contributors around the world.


The humanitarian information about Sudan can be found on ReliefWeb

  • Humanitarian Mapping Project (HMP) for Sudan, August 10, 2013, HOT contributors are starting this action to map the disaster zones.
  • Extent of the floodings ReliefWeb publishes various maps and documents that show the extent of the flooding. Georeferenced post-disaster images should be available soon. This will help us to identify other areas to map.
  • Floods analysis UNOSAT Maps for Sudan made from various imagery (MODIS, Radarsat, Formosat 2..)

Coordinator of this action : Séverin Ménard

For more information : contact the HOT Support Team at info@hotosm.org or on this OFTC IRC channel: #hot-floods-sudan (English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese spoken)

HOT Tasking Manager : Select a micro-task to contribute mapping
HOT HDDM Style : Humanitarian focused OSM base layer

Mapping Priorities

Remote Mapping, Khartoum

There are several Tasking Manager jobs which provide micro-tasks to mapping contributors.

First tasks have been made from Areas of Interest identified by the Dartmouth University (see the umap):

New tasks have been made from a check between the Formosat 2 August 8 &9 analysis made by UNOSAT, and NextView Digital Globe WorldView-2 imagery from August 8 and 11. This imagery is available through the TM jobs, once agreed the License Aknowledgement. Offset have been informed in the offset DB pluging for JOSM so please use it:

Areas to be mapped are popular, remote neighborhoods. Please map all the streets and buildings in the task area in order to show the pre-crisis situation, on which damage analysis will be done.

Identification of priorities and local facilities to support displaced people

If you are in contact with local NGO, or you have knowledge of the area, you can contribute to geolocate and describe various public facilities and shelters. Please report any established priorities expressed by the local NGOs to the HOT Discussion list. This will facilitate the coordination with the HOT contributors.

HOT & OSM Data Exports and Services available

Log in and click on Start on new run to get a new extract to be downloaded.

This service provides the Data in various formats. The Shp files can be imported in GIS Softwares for Spatial analysis. The gmapsup.img file can be imported on a Garmin GPS including car navigation devices such as Nüvi. See See Instructions on how to install on your Garmin

Local mapping information

If anyone can report on which bridges are out and other road connections effected, please be in Contact the OSM community or dive in and edit the map!

Other tasks to do

bing coverage of the area and potential to add and refine mapping of...

  • Town details.

Town/City mapping

This section is to add specific mapping task

You can contribute to remote mapping : Task Manager Jobs
Area Description of task Comments
area ... task ... comment ...

River mapping

Other information

The OSM tools and services to support mapping

For the people that are less familiar with OSM tools and services, this section shows what is available to map remotely, export and analyze the OSM DATA. HOT also offers tools and tutorials specific to the Field Data Collection.

HOT-Export Various file formats to export
OSM Extract : Example of Overpass Query for Uttarakhand village places
HOT Field Data Collection

Bing Aerial Imagery Analyser for OpenStreetMap is used to validate if Bing high-res imagery is available in the area to study.