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Dutch borders can be found in the AND Texel data: 001_admin1.shp


After replacing OSM data with AND data, the coastlines have to be connected manually. JOSM bookmarks: Belgium-NL and NL-Germany (Schelde: be9)

Coastline .osm from the AND border data.

JOSM Bookmarks

To check the border, bookmarks are available, add them to ~/.josm/bookmarks.

  • River Maas, border river, confusing coastlines may cause problems, renamed to coastline_old, riverbank_old, etc
  • be4 has many ways crossing the border
  • be6 Baarle-Nassau cleaned up
  • be9, many ways, river Schelde (cleaned up)
  • be11 canal (cleaned up)
  • de10 river Rhine, border river, (cleaned up)
  • de11 many ways