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The original AND Data contains house number ranges. These have not been imported yet, because we did not have consensus on a tagging scheme before. We want to make an effort to import the house number ranges now.


We want to kick this off in a hacking party. Date: to be set. Location: to be determined. AND would be nice, Martijn van Exel will arrange this.



We need to break this down into the following steps:

  1. Correlate OSM ID with AND ID for all of the Netherlands. We need to take into account ways that have been split / merged since the import, and ways whose nodes have been moved. This is the hard part. Manual labour + scripting involved.
  2. Find AND house number data in the source dataset and generate OSM xml.
  3. Check.
  4. Upload.

AND Data

The house number ranges appear in the AND records in the following form: (from the documentation)

hn#        Housenumber range
  L : left, direction from FNODE_ to TNODE_
  R: right, direction from FNODE_ to TNODE_
  E: even
  O: odd
  M: mixed

e.g. hn#LE2-12#RO1-11

Tagging scheme

The following tagging scheme has been proposed and discussed:


'left', 'right', 'from', 'to' are to be interpreted relative to the direction if the way. This is also a major challenge: if a way is reversed later, the housno tagging must be updated to reflect the updated direction of the way.


The discussion on the international talk list [here]

Discussion on talk-nl [here]