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Aargau, Switzerland

latitude: 47.3799, longitude: 8.0843
boundary: 1686359, label: 240054861
Browse map of Aargau 47°22′47.64″ N, 8°05′03.48″ E
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Aargau is a canton in Switzerland at latitude 47°22′47.64″ North, longitude 8°05′03.48″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

Die rechtliche Lage betr. Nutzung der nachfolgend genannten Datenquellen von AGIS ist unklar. siehe [1]. Es gibt bislang keine offizielle Erlaubnis des Kantons, diese Daten zu benutzen.

Die rechtliche Lage ist jetzt geklärt, für alle Informationen siehe Switzerland/AGIS.

JOSM / How to digitize


Use JOSM WMS plugin with this kind of URL:

Please always add tag source:
AGIS (www.ag.ch/agis)

Get AGIS WMS Capabilities:

Read this please: In 2008 it was possible to use AGIS WMS Orthophotos. But due heavy traffic (I assume this) they removed "queryable" option from XML configuration. So AGIS Othophoto could not be used anymore (above URL is valid, but you'll not get any data)!
Data from WMS have an offset. Move layer in JOSM by hand or please refer to page of SOGIS (Solothurn). Maybe it's Mercaartor projection too...

Non Ortho

AGIS WMS is still able to show these kind of data:

  • Gewaesserschutzbereiche_Au
  • Grundwasserschutzzonen
  • Gemeindenamen
  • Gemeindegrenzen
  • Bezirksnamen
  • Bezirksgrenzen



non public WMS

I ordered my orthophotos at AGIS (but only a part of Aargau due the size of TIFF data; AGIS send me a DVD *lol*) and so I use my own WMS server for JOSM. Took me a lot of time to set up, but it works fine. -- User icon 2.svgTeeser (TeeSeR on osm)

Did you check with AGIS, if you are allowed to publish data that is derived from those photos? --User icon 2.svgt-i (on osm) 19:06, 8 April 2010 (UTC)

AGIS vector data

I wrote a small script to convert AGIS vector data from swiss coordinates to EPSG:4326. These data are readable by JOSM (e.g. as background layer). If you like to have this script, write my a PM. -- User icon 2.svgTeeser (TeeSeR on osm).