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On the OSM website, navigate to the user's page (https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/<user-name>) and click on the "report the user" link in order to create a report. It will be seen by users with an “Administrator” role on the website and likely forwarded to Data Working Group.

User page can be reached by following username link on a changeset comment, received message and so on.


Main article: Disputes
Main article: Vandalism

Dealing with copyrighted data

To report abuse of a data source, please first read Copyright#Proprietary_data, which contain information about how to handle the situation appropriately.

Reverting edits

Main article: Change rollback

Completely unwanted edits such as random unexplained deletion of data, adding fake objects, undiscussed imports may need to be completely reverted. The simplest method is to use JOSM reverter plugin, or a web-based reverter, though there are also some more specialized scripts.

Undiscussed imports

Main article: Import/Guidelines

Imports can be done to augment OpenStreetMap data, but it is mandatory to follow some rules. Imports that were not discussed can be removed by any mapper.

Undiscussed automated edits

Main article: Automated Edits code of conduct

Automated edits - using scripts or mass edit function available in some editors, may be very useful and powerful. But it is also easy to cause problems that are annoying to fix.

For this reasons discussion and obtaining permission is needed for automated edits.

Damage caused by mappers directed by someone else

Main article: Organised Editing Guidelines

It applies especially to paid mappers controlled by whoever hired them, but also to other cases where mappers are directly instructed. See official Organised Editing Guidelines document and Organised Editing Guidelines page listing more resources.

Data working group

Main article: Data working group

They deal with accusations of copyright infringement, imports, and serious disputes and vandalism and have ability to block user accounts.


  • Spam — reporting wiki spam and OSM diary spam to administrators


To report abuse of OpenStreetMap's computer systems, please contact the Operations Working Group or the administrator for the system in question.

Using OSM data without attribution

Main article: Lacking proper attribution