Akron, Ohio

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Akron, Ohio
latitude: 41.0802, longitude: -81.5193
Browse map of Akron 41°04′48.72″ N, 81°31′09.48″ W
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Akron is a city in Ohio at latitude 41°04′48.72″ North, longitude 81°31′09.48″ West.

Things that have been mapped relatively well:

The University of Akron

Kent State University

The Towpath Trail

Things to map

City parks, Metro Parks, and trails

Buildings (schools, libraries, businesses, etc.)

Water bodies (streams, rivers, lakes) need drawn. Existing water bodies also need realigned (although User:Bored is working on a data import of water bodies)


Neighborhood boundaries

Bus routes

Roads are actually well-aligned in inner city Akron; however, in the suburbs and in outlying areas, newer subdivisions may be missing from the map.