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Akuressa, Matara District, Sri Lanka
latitude: 6.10051, longitude: 80.47751
Browse map of Akuressa 6°06′01.84″ N, 80°28′39.04″ E
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Akuressa is a city in Matara District, Sri Lanka at latitude 6°06′01.84″ North, longitude 80°28′39.04″ East.

Welcome to OSM Akuressa! Let's join forces and create a complete, accurate and useful map of Akuressa.

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How to get started

Tutorial to learn how to get started in mapping Akuressa and also read the Getting Involved page to begin contributing to OpenStreetMap.

Tracing Aerial Imagery

This is the easiest way to quickly and effortlessly edit, fix or add map details, create new ways without having to drive around town with GPS logger and camera :-) So, what should we do? Just open http://www.openstreetmap.org, register/login, move the map to your hometown, click on Edit, and happy mapping!

Naming Convention

The attribute name will always be in Romanized alphabets. Example: Use "Akuressa" for the name keyword. Always use the official name when possible. If another name is more popular name:alt can be used. To write the names in localized script, use name:si


Atrribute Value
name Akuressa
name:si අකුරැස්ස

Grama Niladhari Divisions to Map

Types of Data to Record

To get to know about the road classification of Sri Lanka please visit http://www.rda.gov.lk/source/rda_roads.htm http://podimenike.blogspot.com/2012/03/national-highways-in-sri-lanka.html

Things to record

  1. Roads
  2. Landmarks
  3. ...

Need Volunteers

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Tagging Convention

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