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Existing Streets in Open Street Map

This page grew too large, so it was sub-divided on September 13, 2010

If you make changes to the existing streets data in OSM, please modify the references below to reflect these changes. Note that the entries in each section are in alphabetical order by first word in each section. All of the data in this section has been verified using the SISTEMI_I_ADRESAVE_BASHKIA_SHKODER_08.03.10.pdf, and has been assigned this reference in the source key of OSM.








Balli i Ures

Shetitorja Molos

Ura e Bahçallëkut

Ura e Bunes

Quality Control Issues

See to view unresolved problems with the following street information.

Streets Pending Classification

If you add new streets data to the OSM data base please add the name to the list below, or, preferably, create a full record in the section above.

Streets not yet digitized

These are streets that are listed in the shkodraInYourPocket.pdf index or the index, but not yet digitized in OSM

Rruga Anton Ashta

Rruga Andon Ballaci

Rruga Qazim Llazani

Names that no longer exist

Sheshi te Sahati

shkodraInYourPocket.pdf locates this Sheshi at the intersection of Rruga Qemal Draçini and Rruga Jeronim De Rada, but SISTEMI_I_ADRESAVE_BASHKIA_SHKODER_08.03.10.pdf does not have a sheshi located at this intersection.