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This is the page for the coordination of all efforts directed toward helping the people of Albania affected by the flooding in January and December 2010.

Project Blog

The official project blog is hosted here on our server:

see all the WikiProject_Shkoder

We have also a WMS and a sftp server for project collaborators to work together. please join us there as well!

Project team

With help from :

and other osm people! thanks!


  • Twitter :put links to news and photos under the #albanian_flooding hashtag.
  • Identica

You can see the existing tags for Albania here: Tagwatch





Trails and Paths through the Flood

Dry areas between the floodzones

City Boundaries




Street Names




Hotels, Restaurants, Businesses


The Affected Houses


The Major Sources of Water






The Floodzone Itself



Use Flickr for phototagging

External Links

WMS Layers

layer overview

See the layer definitions here:

The data about the layers:


All layers for qgis :

Russian Maps

Bekim from iMMAP has purchased and donated the georeferenced public domain data from the old russian maps for Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo.

I have Split them into sections, because of the 3 gb limitation.

total map

This map file contains all the tiles available online in one map file layer!

Map set a

Map set b

This is also online :

Map set c

Also online :

Map set d

In progress :

Map set e

Map set f

Layer Details

each layer is listed with the josm wms link.


DLR 20100108 Albania floods overview high.png


DLR 20100108 Albania floods radarsat high.png


DLR 20100108 Albania floods terrasar south high.png


DLR 20100111 Albania floods overview asar high.png


DLR 20100112 Albania floods radarsat change high.png



Vector data from Agim Komapani

The wikipage to track the data is here:

Vector data from

Road Network


For Shkoder:

All streets:

Shape File : (and other files are here



Works, but needs to be compared on a osm file basis to the osm data. so convert to osm and compare. The points are too small on this mapserver layer. For Shkoder :


TpgincRivers.png for Shokder:


TpgincSites.png Shkoder :



OSM Import Page:


Tpginc Communes.png

For Shkoder:

Shape files : LL_Communes.dbf LL_Communes.prj LL_Communes.shp LL_Communes.shx

OSM Files:


All GNS Names:

Roads from DLR

These are all done, in my opinion:

Contour Data


Satellite Photos

Disaster Charter



Vector Data

  • Importing of the GNS Names of Albania

we have the gns names from Albania in osm format, need to import the other parts and check for duplicates.

  • Street vector data

Here are the street data files from DLR

  • Earthquake data

Relief Efforts

Mission Without Borders

Areas affected


This includes Dajç e Obot

Agriculture Minister Genc Ruli declared that in Shkodra 3600 hectares of land were flooded English version

More flooding in Shkoder English version

WikiProject_Ohrid WikiProject_Korçë


Problematic situation in Durres, landslides and floods English version


Sat Images

We have now permission to use the data from DLG:

I have created a map here:

Satellite map of the flooded area around Shkoder, Albania based on TerraSAR-X imagery of January 9, 2010, northern part January 10, 2010 8:20:33 PM CET Albania_floods_terrasar_north_low

Here is the warped map : here is a new map I made.

Here is a map of the change in the water: _Albania_floods_radarsat_change_low

Duke punuar në krizën e përmbytjes

Përmbytje në Shkodër, Shqipëri!

Kanë ndodhur përmbytje masive në Shqipëri, të cilat kanë shkatërruar një rajon prej rreth 10.000 hektarësh. Më shumë se 2.400 shtëpi janë përmbytur.

Duhet të ndihmojmë në ndërtimin e një harte për të koordinuar ndihmën si WikiProject_Haiti!

Ju lutemi të na dërgoni Gjurmë të GPS, Foto dhe të përdorni Walking_Papers. Na ndihmoni me emrat e rrugëve, na ndihmoni me njohuri në terren. Nëse keni humbur shtëpinë tuaj, ju gjithashtu mund të regjistroheni k¨tu dhe ne do ta vëjmë atë në hartë.

Ju lutem shkruani njerëzve dhe kërkojuni foto satelitore!

Këtu e keni krizën:

këtu hartën e përmbytjeve:

Këtu është blogu im mbi krizën:

Objekti i zonës së përmbytjeve është këtu:

Këtu është wms që kam bërë:

Këtu mund të përcillni udhëzimet për instalim të webkitimageqt

Të cilin mund ta përdorni në josm si vijon:

Këtu është videa se si përdoren të gjitha këto:

Këtu ka më shumë video rreth krizës:

Потопот криза се работеше за

Скадар Албанија беше поплавен!

Имало масивни поплави во Албанија, Поплавите се уништени регион на околу 10.000 хектари. Повеќе од 2.400 домови беа поплавени.

Ние треба да помогне во изградбата на сајтот за олеснување на Хаити, како напор!

Ве молиме пратете ни било која GPS_Traces, Photo_mapping и користи Walking_Papers. Помогнете ни со имињата на улиците, да ни помогнат со регионалните знаење. Доколку сте го изгубиле вашата куќа, можете да се регистрирате со нас и ние ќе го ова на сајтот.

Ве молиме напишете на луѓето и да побараат слики седна!

Potopot kriza se raboteše za

Skadar AlbaniJa beše poplaven!

Imalo masivni poplavi vo AlbaniJa, Poplavite se uništeni region na okolu 10.000 hektari. Poveḱe od 2.400 domovi bea poplaveni.

Nie treba da pomogne vo izgradbata na saJtot za olesnuvanje na Haiti, kako napor!

Ve molime pratete ni bilo koJa GPS_Traces, Photo_mapping i koristi Walking_Papers. Pomognete ni so iminjata na ulicite, da ni pomognat so regionalnite znaenje. Dokolku ste go izgubile vašata kuḱa, možete da se registrirate so nas i nie ḱe go ova na saJtot.

Ve molime napišete na luǵeto i da pobaraat sliki sedna!

Flood crisis being worked on

Shkoder Albania was flooded!

There has been a massive flooding in Albania, Floods have devastated a region of about 10,000 hectares. More than 2,400 homes were flooded.

We should help build a map for the relief effort like the Haiti!

Please send us any GPS_Traces, Photo_mapping and also use Walking_Papers. Help us with the names of streets , help us with regional knowledge. If you lost your house, you can also register with us and we will map it out.

Please write to people and request sat photos!

Here is the crisis:

there is a sat map :

Here is my blog post about it :

The floodzone object is here :

Here is the wms I have setup:

Follow my instructions for installing the webkitimageqt

you can use it in josm like this :

Here is a video how to use this all :

Here are more videos of the crisis :



see here for more links on shkoder:

Map Keys Locations are from here :

see the tiles :

Buna River

Velipoja | Beach

this region :

Bashkia | Municipality

Old City Map Reference: POI 1 MAP C3

Biblioteka Publike Marin Barleti | Public Library

Prefektura | Prefecture. Town Hall, Rathaus

Old City Map Reference: POI 2 MAP C3

Gjykata | Court

Old City Map Reference: POI 3 MAP C3

Drejtoria e Policisë | Police Department

Old City Map Reference: POI 4 MAP A4


    • Drejtori (022) 48800 (022) 48375
    • Shefi Komisariatit Shkoder (022) 43470
    • Shefi Komisariatit Puke (021) 22381(021)22237
    • Shefi Komisariatit M. Madhe (021)12321(021)12643

Spitalet | Hospital

Old City Map Reference: POI 5 MAP B4

Telekomi | Telecom

Old City Map Reference: POI 6 MAP C4

Muzeumi | Museum. Muzeu i Shkodrës

Old City Map Reference: POI 7 MAP C3

muzeu i Kalase se Shkodres

Teatri Migjeni | Migjeni Theatre

Old City Map Reference: POI 8 MAP C3

Kinema Milenium | Millennium Cinema

Old City Map Reference: POI 9 MAP C3 Blv.Republika -Shkoder Tel.+ 355 82 45015

Radio Shkodra | Radio Shkodra

Old City Map Reference: POI 10 MAP C3

Kalaja | Castle

Old City Map Reference: POI 11 MAP F1

Quality control issue: This POI was already digitized in OSM, but is interesting because it contains an extensive list of tags that I have not used. I was wondering if it would be interesting to add some of these tags to our POI data. If so, which ones? I made no changes to this point.

Stadiumi Loro Boriçi | Stadium Loro Boriçi

Old City Map Reference: POI 12 MAP C3

Stacioni i Trenit | Train Station

Old City Map Reference: POI 13 MAP D5

Quality Control Issue: To follow this issue, please load into JOSM. This point already was digitized into the OSM before I started, both as a point and a polygon feature. Neither feature is located where it falls according to the rectified old city map. I did not modify either feature.

Konsullata Austriake | Austrian Consulate

Old City Map Reference: POI 20 MAP C4

Konsullata Turke | Turkish Consulate

Old City Map Reference: POI 21 MAP C3

Konsullata Italiane | Italian Consulate

Old City Map Reference: POI 22 MAP C3


Rektorati | Rectorat

Old City Map Reference: POI 23 MAP C3

Universiteti Luigj Gurakuqi | University Luigj Gurakuqi

Old City Map Reference: POI 24 MAP C4

Quality control issue: To follow this issue, please load into JOSM. This POI already had a polygon feature in OSM that has a slight positional discrepency with the Old City Map. I placed the point at the position of the Old City Map.

Shkolla Mesme "28 Nëntori" | "28 November" Middle School

Old City Map Reference: POI 25 MAP C3

ref : photo :

Group on facebook : on hi5 :

Shkolla Mesme Oso Kuka | Oso Kuka Middle School

Old City Map Reference: POI 26 MAP B3

Shkolla Mesme Jordan Misja | Jordan Misja Middle School

Old City Map Reference: POI 27 MAP B4

Scutari High School "Gjimnazi jopublik Scutari" ndodhet ne adresen e meposhtme: Lagja Tom Kola Rr Daniel Matlija Nr 32. Mund te kontaktoni ne nr telefoni 249638 si dhe cel. 0692024936 e 0692066126

Shkolla Mesme Kol Idromeno | Kol Idromeno Middle School

Old City Map Reference: POI 28 MAP D3

Shkolla Artistike Prek Jakova | Prek Jakova Art School

Old City Map Reference: POI 29 MAP B4

Medreseja | Madrasah

Old City Map Reference: POI 30 MAP D2

Shkolla Pjetër Mëshkalla | Peter Mëshkalla School

Old City Map Reference: POI 31 MAP C4


Fshati i Paqes | Peace Village

Old City Map Reference: POI 32 MAP E1

Quality control issue: unable to find any information that would allow me to classify this POI.

Xhamia Fushë-Qelë | Field-Qelë Mosque

Old City Map Reference: POI 33 MAP C3 Also know as : Al-Zamil Mosque

Xhamia Parrucës | Parrucës Mosque

Old City Map Reference: POI 34 MAP C3

Xhamia Bahçallëkut | Bahçallëkut Mosque

Old City Map Reference: POI 35 MAP F1

Quality control issue: The location of this POI is highly suspect, because I was unable to locate reliable control points to rectify the map. The position I chose represents my best guess. The roads that have been digitized in this area need considerable revision.

Xhamia Plumbit | Lead Mosque

Old City Map Reference: POI 36 MAP F2

Katedralja | Cathedral

Old City Map Reference: POI 37 MAP C4

Kisha Zonja e Shkodrës | Lady of Shkodra Church

Old City Map Reference: POI 38 MAP F1

Kisha Fretënve | Fretënve Church

Old City Map Reference: POI 39 MAP C4

Kisha Ortodokse | Orthodox Church

Old City Map Reference: POI 40 MAP C4

Varrezat e Dëshmorëve | Graveyard of the Martyrs

Old City Map Reference: POI 41 MAP E5

Varrezat e Vjetra Myslimane | Old Muslim Cemetery

Old City Map Reference: POI 42 MAP A3

Varrezat Katolike | Catholic Cemetery

Old City Map Reference: POI 43 MAP C5


Old Bazaar

Fototeke Marubi

Fototeke Marubi, Muhamet Gollesha. First ever photograph taken in Albania (1858) is here. 130 lek.  

source :

Restaurant List

Restaurant List AlbanianFloodingCrisisCamp/Restaurants

Monuments List

Monuments List AlbanianFloodingCrisisCamp/Monuments

Where to Stay

Places to stay List AlbanianFloodingCrisisCamp/WhereToStay

What to See

What to see List AlbanianFloodingCrisisCamp/WhatToSee


Directory AlbanianFloodingCrisisCamp/Directory

Streets Data

Information about Streets is located at: AlbanianFloodingCrisisCamp/Streets

See Also

data sources

Here are the street data files from DLR:

Here are the GNS Names from Albania