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Haiti, Caribbean

latitude: 18.89, longitude: -72.83
Browse map of Haiti 18°53′24.00″ N, 72°49′48.00″ W
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Haiti is a country in Caribbean at latitude 18°53′24.00″ North, longitude 72°49′48.00″ West.

OpenStreetMap Haiti Portal
This page is for coordinating OpenStreetMap activities in Haiti.
WikiProject News
OpenStreetMap communications channels (including IRC)
Requests for data placed to organizations
All pages with prefix "WikiProject Haiti" = all pages directly associated with the Wikiproject
Who are the OSM editors residing in Haiti?
There are fourteen as of October 2011
Mapping coordination
What needs to be mapped; how to map; best practices
Are you a new Haiti mapper?
Are you altogether new to OSM or mapping?
WikiProject Meetings
Mapping status page
A mish-mash of tasks and ideas for improving the Haiti map and the wiki representation
Resources for mapping
Available imagery and data sources
More information on available data sources
Resources derived from OSM data
OSM data extracts for Haiti and the Dominican Republic, hosted by geofabrik updated daily
Routable Garmin maps for Haiti and the Dominican Republic updated daily
Features in Haiti
Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camps (earthquake disaster related)
About the naming of streets in Haiti
Public transportation in Haiti
Related to the 12 January 2010 earthquake (article about earthquake and another about the cholera outbreak)
The current state of this WikiProject is in large part due to the major response of OSM editors to the catastrophic earthquake and following cholera epidemic of 2010-2011. As of October 2011, the WikiProject is slowly transitioning from a crisis response stance to a more mapping-as-usual one.
Earthquake map resources
OSM email archive from February 2010
YouTube animation of editing activity from T-7 to T+12 days relative to earthquake at T-0
Reactions from worldwide media to the OSM response to the earthquake
"Press Kit"
O'Reilly "Where 2.0 Conference", Haiti: CrisisMapping the Earthquake presentation
Presentation on and YouTube
Presentation transcript in French
CrisisCommons Wiki
Crisis Mappers Haiti Earthquake Taskforce approved login required
Crisis Mappers Google Group approved login required