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Data Imports

Damages Assessment (Ithaca Import)

The import has been cleaned up and the fixme tags removed.

Administrative boundaries

see also WikiProject_Haiti/Status/Boundaries

The boundaries described above have since been refined into relations with the tags moving to the relations and the overlaid ways merging. Further imports have been done for some of the admin_level 10 boundaries, and all of the admin_level 4 and many of the admin_level 5 boundaries have been added manually by using the existing boundary ways. Full details of the boundary relations are at WikiProject_Haiti/Status/Boundaries.

Hospital Data from PAHO

OSM has imported > 1000 health facilities from a master list provided by the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and the WHO. more infos....

Radio and TV stations from CartONG and IMS

OSM has imported ~ 200 radio and tv stations collected by CartONG and IMS. more infos....

Police stations

OSM has imported ~ 20 police stations collected by the Pacific Disaster Center. more infos ...

MINUSTAH GIS and UN Cartographic Section data

Main article: WikiProject Haiti/MinustahLayers

MINUSTAH, the UN mission in Haiti, provides maps and geo data. OSM is allowed to use them. Held as the reference datasets for the Haiti Operation by UN and main NGOs on the ground. Semantically rich data sets suitable for enhancing attribution of OSM data.

If a MINUSTAH source is used it must be given credit in the OSM database. Use the tags

  • source=MINUSTAH GIS and UN Cartographic Section
  • source:name=MINUSTAH GIS and UN Cartographic Section

A number of shape files based on MINUSTAH data are available at Geocommons. These include:

Files of hydrography [1] [2] and other areas of interest, for instance wells are also available. Files can also be downloaded as CSV and KML. Licensing is suitable for OSM (CC-BY [3]).

Existing Data Sets

The list of data sets on the CrisisCommons wiki is pretty complete.

Damage assessment


UNITAR/UNOSAT has produced map and corresponding .kml layers for inclusion in Google Earth in support to the humanitarian relief efforts following the 12 January earthquake in Haiti. Elements included are

  • informal IDP sites
  • bridges
  • road obstacles

as identified in GeoEye-1 imagery recorded on 13 January 2010. We thank GeoEye for making the imagery available.

Note: This is a preliminary analysis; road and bridge damages may be underestimated. Please send corrections to UNITAR / UNOSAT:

Additional damage assessment map and .kml file of other key infrastructure will be issued tomorrow, Friday 15 January.

To download map, please go to

Some Raster PDF maps from 16 Jan, have been imported into the Warper for rectification and serving via WMS [4]

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Institute of Geography assembled a team to try and help in the Haiti response as well, based on their experiences with the Wenchuan earthquake recently. Geoeye imagery was used to extract:

  • a road network for PaP and surroundings (e00 file)
  • a KML and shapefile of collapsed buildings in and around PaP (points and polygons)
  • a KML and shapefiles (point) of all fresh landslides suspected for the Riviere Frorse valley
  • suspected camp locations

OSM is allowed to use this dataset.

The data files are hosted there:,

New (2010-02-17) data files: camps.e00 (between 14-16 January 2010 (Geoeye data)), colaphouses.e00, coverarea.e00.

It is suggested to use source=Chinese Academy of Sciences

Army Geospatial Center

Public Domain CIA Maps

Image set Use in JOSM Use in Potlatch
haiti-city (1:25k)

May be off by over 100m, but will get better asap

Use the following WMS URL in JOSM (how to configure):

In Potlatch paste the following URL into the 'custom' setting (how to configure):!/!/!.jpg

(or launch directly)

haiti-tlm-50 (1:50k)

1:50k maps for whole country coming online as they upload to this server

Use the following WMS URL in JOSM (how to configure):

In Potlatch paste the following URL into the 'custom' setting (how to configure):!/!/!.jpg

(or launch directly)

Entire country in variable resolution, down to 1 meter, via UN-SPIDER proxy to DigitalGlobe crisis event service Use the following WMS URL in JOSM (how to configure):