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Haiti boundaries were originally imported at the administrative level 8. These were imported as ways which overlapped each other. Many users then split the ways to remove duplicate ways on top of each other and add the admin level 8 boundary relations. Admin level 4 and level 5 boundaries were added based on the pcodes spreadsheet that was mentioned on OSM talk.

The addition of these admin level 4 and 5 boundaries revealed a few discrepancies between new pcodes and old id_communes.

Later some of the admin level 10 boundaries were imported around the epicentre of the earthquake initially. These were imported with the relations already in place, but did lead to some way duplication which were later removed.

More recently the remaining level 10 boundary ways were imported with minimal tags and no relations. The missing level 10 boundary relations have now been added manually based on the pcode spreadsheet. This clarifies the discrepancies discovered during the level 4/5 boundary additions; the initial import (and the level 10 boundary imports) were done from the readily available shapefiles which don't include recent Haiti administrative boundary revisions. Based on web research, and the background PD CIA map layer, the course of the missing boundaries has been estimated for now but will need reviewing when newer shapefiles become available.


Please use the existing ways for other admin_level relations if possible.

Haiti National Boundary relation 307829

For invalid boundary relations see

Haiti Departments
Artibonite(5) | Centre(6) | Grand'Anse(8) | Nippes(10) | Nord(3) | Nord-Est(4) | Nord-Ouest(9) | Ouest(1) | Sud-Est(2) | Sud(7)