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Haiti Departments
Artibonite(5) | Centre(6) | Grand'Anse(8) | Nippes(10) | Nord(3) | Nord-Est(4) | Nord-Ouest(9) | Ouest(1) | Sud-Est(2) | Sud(7)

Nippes Department

Please note: The Nippes administrative borders imported into OSM pre-dated more recent boundary revisions. Some borders have been added/tweaked manually based on research and the underlying geography from the (old) PD maps. When a newer set of shapefiles reflecting the current borders are available those currently in Nippes will need checking and correcting. If you have a source for shapefiles reflecting the current boundaries (check perhaps that Grand Boucan has two sections) and would rather let User:EdLoach check the boundaries that he tweaked, let him know.

Nippes Department (pcode:1=10) relation 391834 (iD, JOSM, Potlatch2, history, analyze, manage, GPX, XML)

Source: Wikipedia