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About me

Turku is my hometown. Also sometimes visiting my newly born nephew at Kokkola and my parents at Kruunupyy. Sport interests are MTB, MTB-O and Orienteering. I have made a dozens of orienteering maps in my younger years. I'm also an active at Wikipedia with organization of wiki content, even sometimes doing semi-automated edits with AWB. Daily I work as an IT entrepreneur.


I mostly do mapping by mountain bike with my mobile phone HTC Touch Pro2 at the Miry map holder and Holux M-241 GPS attached to helmet. My mobile fits under the water resistant desk-foil and the touch screen is usable. Tracking software used on my mobile is OSMTracker.

Map feature agenda


Hollow_way proposal

According to the wiki, you are coordinating the historic=hollow_way proposal. Can you please go ahead? I believe it would be better to have just one tag for these, not two as it is now (the page still suggests to use cutting=hollow_way as an alternative). I do not like the idea with "cutting", because it doesn't convey that this is an historic feature and it makes it impossible to tag a hollow way which also has a cutting (e.g. on one side). --Dieterdreist (talk) 09:50, 23 July 2016 (UTC)