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Vidar Gundersen, located in Asker outside Oslo, Norway.

I'm mapping my local area and hiking trails around Oslo, Fredrikstad and Løten.


I'm maintaining Mapnik style sheets for rendering (1) a hiking map with trails marked by DNT, (2) a skiing map with cross-country skiing tracks prepared by Skiforeningen, and (3) the screen cartography created by the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

See it at

Hiking maps for singletrack mountain biking

My main involvement is to map hiking trails suitable for singletrack mountain biking.

Tagging trails: I mostly use highway=path (which deprecates highway=footway for rural use) and highway=track. I supply extra information with trail_visibility=*, sac_scale=*, trailblazed=yes, surface=grass,ground,dirt,mud,peet,rock,pebblestone,gravel,boulders,wood, access=*, (foot=*, bicycle=*) tracktype=<grade1-5>, piste:type=nordic, and information=guidepost.

Tags that classify use of trails for mountain biking; mtb:scale=0-5, mtb:type=crosscounty/allmountain/downhill.

To mark trails that need maintenance; Proposed features/Trail clearing and barrier=windfall

Allow inaccurate mapping, but label shortcomings, e.g. "I know (but not from looking at a map) there is a trail here, but I have no GPS/tracklog", and mark such data for validation. Current solutions are using source=survey, knowledge, extrapolation, Yahoo, Landsat, fixme=continues, resurvey, stub, position, note=*, Proposed features/Internal quality.

See also my notes for a "WikiProject Norway/Hiking maps for singletrack mountain biking use-workshop".