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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Sletuffe, Extremecarver
Tagging: mtb:type=crosscountry, allmountain, enduro, freeride, downhill, bikepark, northshore, slopestyle, dirtjump, trial
Applies to: linear and areas
Definition: A classification for different types of mountain biking

Draft started: 2008-11-20
Proposed on: 2008-11-20
RFC start: *


Provide a classification scheme for mapping the different use classes of mtb-trails.

Applies to

highway=path highway=track

Usage, Tags and Values

Tag type of trail Picture
mtb:type=crosscountry Cross country mountain biking
mtb:type=allmountain All mountain
mtb:type=enduro Enduro riding
mtb:type=freeride Freeride
mtb:type=downhill Downhill [1]
mtb:type=northshore North shore (built trails) [2]
mtb:type=slopestyle Slope style
mtb:type=dirtjump Dirt jump
mtb:type=trial Trials riding
tag description photo

Examples: 1

mtb:type=dh/northshore suggests use of mtb:scale:imba=0-4 for rating and implies bicycle=designated, whereas mtb:scale=0-5 are suitable for rating mtb:type=xc/am trails.


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