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I support the existing CC-BY-SA 2.0 license and don't want data or active users to be abandoned.

Me doing what I like most

Hello I'm Felix Hartmann a.k.a. extremecarver. I'm a ski and snowboard developper, and OSM evangelist. I spend most of my time developing and consulting on mapping / tag analysis. Last time I really updated this is 3/2010 so much of this is out of date...

Welcome to my page, feel free to contact me if you need information about Garmin map creation, especially about using TYP-Files and the OSM_Map_On_Garmin/mtb_map for mkgmap. I started getting involved with Openstreetmap as developper and mapper in September 2008. I am using it since August 2008. My main intention was that using OSM we can create for the first time good maps for outdoor sports, be it mtbiking, cycling or freeriding. I spent most of my time organising projects on OSM and working out concepts for map rendering.

  • Please visit to download and test the maps. Maps available for all European Countries.

Openmtbmap aims to offer the best autorouting for mtbikers possible for Garmin GPS / Mapsource and offer a map that shows all objects interesting for cyclists. IMHO currently this is more or less the most feature complete OSM rendering.

Regions to which I have contributed a lot

  • Anninger Moedling, Austria
  • Valais and especially the Val D'Anniviers Switzerland
  • Bezirk Neunkirchen Austria and Bezirk Liezen Austria

Wiki Pages I have created

Proposals initiated by me

Projects I contributed much time and effort to

  • mkgmap Testing and Bugreporting, as well as working on concept


  • OSM_Composer Testing and Bugreporting, as well as working on concepts. Found the whole concept to flaky and closed source ultimatly stopped me helping on development here.

My webpage - and downloading Garmin Maps

  • I just registered and which both link here for the moment. In a few days I will offer mtb maps for Garmin devices for download on (I will redirect to it). Countries for the start will be Austria and Switzerland. Plus Bavaria and the Departement Haute-Alpes. I hope providing maps that take account of the mtb:scale will lead more people to use it. Have a look at theese maps once available. I promise that they are the nicest looking and most usefull OSM maps available yet. Spent lotta time designing them. Until I get going I might host the maps on a filehoster (will provide links tomorrow).

Snowboarding, Skiing and Raxskis

Besides OSM I spend loads of my time in the mountains. I consider myself to be one of the craziest freeriders of Austria and work with Tom, a friend of mine on bringing the ultimate Freeride Ski/Tool for everyone to you - the Raxski. Best search google for it, cause our webpage is crap (Relaunch with nice vids and pics hopefully by August/September this year).

Other interesting stuff

This screenshot uploaded by me of the cyclemap for Garmin for which I have written the progress of how to create it (main work consisted of adapting map-features for mkgmap and creating a good lookin Typ-file for Garmin) was chosen as Featured Image of the first week of October 2008

2008-09-19 133134.jpg