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Goal is to create MTB Tours from OSM Material and display them on MTB Maps.

Tagging Guidelines for MTB Trails

Please use tagging guidelines from here Mountainbike

MTB Tour Specific Tagging

Note that these tags are all already approved.

key comment
route=mtb consistency with cycle and hiking routes.
ref=R811,... Reference of the way if any.
name=Alpentour Austria,... name of the route.
distance=distance in km The distance covered by a route in km
ascent=ascent in m The ascent covered by a route in meters. If a route has start and end point at different altitude use descent too
descent=descent in m The descent covered by a route in meters. Use it only if it differs from the ascent (different altitude at start/endpoint of a route).
roundtrip=yes/no Use roundtrip=yes to indicate that a route goes from A to B and instead of being circular (roundtrip=no).
  • To DO - Create a Tour difficulty Classification. Best based on the Overall Difficulty Level According to the mtb:scale --> However only 300m in mtb:scale=3 should not move a mtbtour into this category. The general difficulty should be considered primarily. Anyone looking at the tour can himself see if there are more difficult parts inside for short bits. Maybe one day there is a routing engine that could for a given tour, generate by percentage a nice chart showing the highway=* tag in percentage and mtb:scale: average difficulty. The difficulty classification should only depend on technical difficulty, not on fitness level considerations (which are better described by ascent/descent and distance in correlation to technical difficulty)



  • Tours shall be created as Relations.


Source/Original: WikiProject_Austria/Radwege--ErichS 21:32, 28 November 2008 (UTC)

Meaning of the symbols

  • Bike : The color shows the actual condition of the collection of track-data.

Meaning of the colors

Background colour Meaning use of navigation user request
Bike  request for examination, status unknown usability unknown please check
Bike (0/4)  no or few data acquired not usable please complete
Bike (1/4)  data partially acquired strong restricted usage possible please complete
Bike (2/4)  most parts are finished (please list missing data in the notes) usability with restrictions please complete
Bike (3/4)  tour is complete (meaning of the mappers) full usability, not approved please look at errors and correct or report
Bike (4/4)  complete and approved (confirmed by 2 mappers. Please sign!) full usability look for changes or alterations and refresh


The Austrian tours and the status of the tours will be synchronised periodically with the german page Mountainbiketouren( the original). For the latest versions see Mountainbiketouren. --ErichS 20:24, 28 November 2008 (UTC)

Tour Key Start Finish Short Description Status
Alpentour Austria ??? xxxx xxxx xxxx Bike (0/4)  0%


Tour Key Start Finish Short Description Relation Status
Tuftlalm R805 Lermoos Tuftlalm Obergarten -> Lermooser-/Tuftlalm (R805 on Cycle Map) relation 31172 Bike (2/4)  70 %
Rund um die Thörle R811 Ehrwald Ehrwald Ghf.Thörle -> Ponöfen -> Glockenschlag -> Hochtörlehütte -> Obermoos (R811 on Cycle Map) relation 31003 Bike (3/4)  100 %
Lermooser Alm R812 Ehrwald Tuftlalm Ehrwald Viadukt -> Lermooser-/Tuftlalm (R812 on Cycle Map) relation 79798 Bike (3/4)  100 %
Panoramaweg Ehrwald R814 Ehrwald Biberwier Weißensee -> Lärchenwald -> Panoramaweg -> Rochuskapelle (R814 on Cycle Map) relation 31177 Bike (2/4)  70 %
Plansee-Naidernach R820 Plansee Naidernachtal Plansee -> Naidernachtal (R820 on Cycle Map) relation 31170 Bike (3/4)  100 %
Panoramaweg R832 Bichlbach Lermoos Fuchsfarm -> Lähn -> Rautängerle -> Obergarten (R832 on Cycle Map) relation 31171 Bike (3/4)  100 %
Marienbergjoch R835 relation 31179
Nassereither Alm R836 relation 31178
Seenroute R837 Biberwier Biberwier Liftparkplatz -> Weißensee -> Blindsee -> Loisachquellen -> Hotel Alpina (R837 on Cycle Map) relation 31180 Bike (2/4)  70 %
Mittersee R838 Biberwier Biberwier Hotel Alpina -> Sportplatz -> Weißensee -> Mittersee -> Loisachquellen -> Sportplatz -> Hotel Alpina (R838 on Cycle Map) relation 31286 Bike (2/4)  70 %

Lower Austria

Tour Key Start Finish Short Description Status
Ochsenburgerhütte-1 ??? St.Pölten St.Pölten Rathausplatz->Traisentalradweg->Ochsenburgerhütte->Kreisbachtal->retour Bike (2/4)  70 % Relation 0%
Ochsenburgerhütte-Kukubauerhütte ??? St.Pölten St.Pölten Rathausplatz->Traisentalradweg->Ochsenburgerhütte-> Kukubauerwiese-> Kukubauerhütte-> Gölsentalradweg-> retour Bike (1/4)  70%
Kaiserkogel ??? St.Pölten St.Pölten Rathausplatz->Traisentalradweg bis Rotheau->Bergstraße auf Ehrenecker Kogel->Streubach->Meiselhöhe->Tirolerkogelhütte->Rabenstein->Pielachtalradweg nach St.Pölten Bike (1/4)  70%
Wachau 1 ??? Stratzing Stratzing Stratzing -> Krems -> Furth -> über Bergrücken nach Rossatz -> Fähre Weissenkirchen -> Egelsee -> Stratzing Bike (0/4)  0%


Tour Key Start Finish Short Description Status
Blaaalm-Hallstadt ??? Bahnhof Bad Aussee Bahnhof Bad Aussee Bad-Aussee -> Altaussee -> Loser-Almstrasse -> Blaaalm -> Sohleweg nach Bad Ischl -> Soleweg nach Hallstadt -> Obertraun -> Koppenschlucht -> Bad Aussee Bike (1/4)  70%
Salza-Runde ??? Bad Mitterndorf Bad Mitterndorf Bad Mitterndorf -> Kochalm -> Rechenplatz -> Aufstieg zur Überquerung -> Gössl/Grundlsee -> Variante: Toplitzsee -> Erweiterung: Kammersee (mit Boot!) -> Grundlsee -> Radlingpass -> Kainisch -> R19 -> Variante: Ödensee -> Bad Mitterndorf Bike (1/4)  70%
Tauplitzalm ??? Bad Mitterndorf Bad Mitterndorf Bad Mitterndorf -> Mautstraße bis Tauplitzalm -> (diverse Varianten auf der Tauplitzalm) -> Abfahrt (die Down-Hill nach Tauplitz gibt es nicht mehr (2008) !!!! Bike (1/4)  80%
Viehbergalm ??? Bad Mitterndorf Bad Mitterndorf Mitterndorf->Salzasperre(Bootshaus)->Viehbergalm->Gröbming->Salzasperre->Mitterndorf Bike (1/4)  70%



Tour Key Start Finish Short Description Status
Tour du Champsaur N/A Ancelle Ancelle Ancelle -> La Fare-En-Champsaur -> Le Noyer -> Champoléon -> Ancelle Bike (3/4) 


Tour Relation Start/Finish Short Description Status
MTB Route Lage Vuursche relation 380780 Lage Vuursche MTB Route Lage Vuursche Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Soest relation 380807 Soest MTB Route Soest Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Amerongen relation 361166 Amerongen MTB Route amerongen Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Leersum relation 361186 Leersum MTB Route Leersum Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Berlicum relation 918691 Berlicum MTB Route Berlicum Bike (1/4)  66%
MTB Route Drunense duinen relation 1717140 De Rustende jager MTB Route Drunense duinen Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Rheden relation 911890 De posbank MTB Route Rheden/Veluwezoom Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Waalre relation 1662091
 relation 1662092
 Relation not defined yet
Waalre lus 1
            lus 2
            lus 3 (nog niet gemapped)
MTB Route Waalre Bike (1/4)  66%
MTB Route Parkstad relation 660606
 relation 721670
 relation 660607
 relation 1752979
Lus 1: infocentrum Brunssummerheide,
 lus 2: Snowworld Landgraaf,
 Lus 3: Schutterspark,
 Lus 4: Snowworld Landgraaf
MTB Route Parkstad is één van de mooiste en volledigste routes in NL, met 4 losse lussen die naar believen gecombineerd kunnen worden. Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Nuth Voerendaal relation 812600 Church Nuth MTB Route Nuth Voerendaal Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route st Geertruid relation 13563 anywhere MTB Route st Geertruid Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Vijlen, Epen relation 898662 Vijlen, Epen MTB Route Vijlen Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Valkenburg relation 898652 Trainstation Valkenburg MTB Route Valkenburg Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Meerssen relation 900556 Trainstation Meerssen MTB Route Meerssen Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Bemelen relation 13572 Church Margraten, Bemelen MTB Route Margraten, Bemelen Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Mechelen relation 898717 Mechelen MTB Route Mechelen Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Maastricht relation 5885 Maastricht on eastern city border MTB Route Maastricht Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Gulpen relation 223566 Mosaqua/ Rocca gulpen MTB Route gulpen Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Enschede Noord relation 324082
 Hengelo: Nieuwe Grensweg bij Kwekerij Menkenhorst
         (nabij A1, afslag 31 Hengelo-Noord)
 Lonneker: Oude Deventerweg kruising Bergweg
 Enschede: Vanekerbeekweg (bij kinderboerderij)
MTB Route Enschede Buitensporig Noord Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Enschede relation 1180083
 Hengelo: Nieuwe Grensweg bij Kwekerij Menkenhorst
         (nabij A1, afslag 31 Hengelo-Noord)
 Lonneker: Oude Deventerweg kruising Bergweg
 Enschede: Vanekerbeekweg (bij kinderboerderij)
 Glanerbrug: Station
MTB Route Enschede Buitensporig Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Enschede Zuid relation 2179612 Parkeerplaats op Recreatieterrein 'Het Rutbeek' MTB Route Enschede Zuid Bike (3/4)  100%
MTB Route Haaksbergen relation 2608792 Erve Bruggert,Ter Huurne MTB Route Haaksbergen Bike (3/4)  100%


look DE:Bicycle/Mountainbikerouten Deutschland

Tour Relation Key Start Finish Short Description Status User
Mountainbike Tour relation 71240 --- Sulzbach Sulzbach MTB Tour by "MTB-Sulzbach" Bike (3/4)  100% --Jannis 10:16, 27 January 2009 (UTC)


Tour Key Start End Short Description Relation Status
Rallarvegen Haugastøl Flåm along the Bergen Railway Line from Haugastøl via Finse, Hallingskeid, Myrdal and down to Flåm relation 116062 Bike (3/4)  100%

In addition, the large MTB races might be added to this list. Examples are Birkebeinerrittet, Grenserittet, Farrisrunden, Vestmarkrittet. Depending on where the line between touring bike and mountainbike routes are drawn, Nordsjøruta, Glommastien, etc may also belong here.

I think we shall add here every tour without completly paved ways. Tours with completly paved ways (and no Hills), e.g. "family-tours" we shall add to a page like WikiProject_Austria/Radwege. --ErichS 12:44, 29 November 2008 (UTC)


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