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Subpages for countries

For the moment I believe we should have all mtbtours in here, once there will be too many tours (more countries like Austria we have to make subpages like existing already for Austria). They should then be added to the language template so that switiching between countries stays easy. Other ideas welcome. --Extremecarver 19:20, 28 November 2008 (UTC)

Routes shared by bikers and hikers

How do you map a trail that is used by both hikers (route=hiking) and bikers (route=mtb)?

At first, I thought you could use route=hiking;mtb. But then I figured out very few applications manage tags with more than one value. For instance, Waymarked Trails: Hiking map does not. This explains why multiple values for route=* are almost unused at the moment [1]. Moreover, page Semi-colon value separator#When_NOT_to_use_a_semi-colon_value_separator clearly states that you should avoid tags with multiple values, and you should rather make a choice--either route=hiking or route=mtb, based on the most typical way the route is used.

However, if you do choose, you won't find the route on MTB maps or hiking maps respectively. When a route is commonly used both by hikers and by bikers, I believe a different approach should be used.

I would create two distinct relations sharing the very same members (highway=*), one with route=hiking, the other with route=mtb. The second relation could be created as a copy of the first, so it'd be very practical from a mapping perspective.

What do you think? --solitone 15:30, 21 November 2012 (UTC)