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To download readymade Mountainbike maps visit http://openmtbmap.org

Creating a topographical Mtb Map for Garmin Mapsource

Process is described here. render openmtbmap with mkgmap


  • Mkgmap newest version
  • mkgmap splitter newest version
  • Java 1.6
  • For Contourlines SRTM2OSM
  • Mapsettoolkit to write registry values for Garmin Mapsource
  • OSM File (I use the country dumps from geofabrik)

Change Output

  • If you want to edit your typfile you can either edit directly in text and then compile, use Maptk.


Typfiles are only used by Garmin Color PNAs, so Garmin Units with B/W display are prived from these maps. A new investment into a garmin color unit like the Vista HCx or the 60CSx might be better than investing lots of time into an outdated model.

mkgmap limitations

    • See mkgmap mailing list.

Missing MTB and Bicycle information in OSM

  • Get out there, upload your tracks into Openstreetmap, correct tags (i.e. reversing the direction of a way with JOSM so that the oneway attributes are correct - way needs to down the mountain if it is downhill only), and help with the definition files here and with osm_composer. There is a lot to do!!!

To Do

  • A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) should be added, basically the same process as for the Hiking Map could be used: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/HikingBikingMaps but no one has found out how Garmin implemented the DEM into their maps - the only way to do it would therefore be to use a pirated copy of Garmin MPC. As of Mapsource 6.16.1 / Basecamp 3.0.1 normal contourlines are enough for a profile to be generated. The quality of the profile is of course not as good as if one would incorporate a proper DEM.

New Screenshots, incorporating the mtb:scale proposal

Map Legend Example Mapsource Rendering.png

Old Screenshots / Map Rendering (dated, don't take account of mtb:scale yet)

Vista HCx showing the mtb map
Showing a golf course, sport area, soccer, stadium, parking, industrial, tennis
Map Rendering on Vista HCx
Showing a general building, a Skateboard park, and tennis pitches

See also

  • Mkgmap The software behind the osm -> img conversion
  • Mkgmap/dev Development Page for Mkgmap. I currently use revision 685 for rendering my maps. I don't know if any essential features are missing in stable 590.
  • Srtm2osm The software responsible for creating the contourlines for altitude.
  • Mountainbiketours How to tag Mountainbikeroutes
  • Mountainbike How to tag Mountainbikeways

Similar Projects

  • OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Cycle_map The first project to produce cycle specific maps with mkgmap.
  • HikingBikingMaps A very nice map for Kosmos. Can't be imported to Garmin units however. Pretty complicated to do it yourself. Incorporates a DEM.