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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Extremecarver
Tagging: mtb_access=not defined
Applies to: linear
Definition: A key to describe opening times and conditions of a way to mtbikers
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2008-11-20


Find a tagging scheme to write down acces times (day: from-to, month, day of week, temporary closures because of storms, flodings, etc...) for trails related to mtb use. There is an ongoing discussion here: Proposed_features/Access_restrictions Things discussed on that page might be relevant here too.

Applies to

highway=path highway=track

Usage, Tags and Values


  • A storm has broken many trees that are now lying on the path. While pedestrians can still pass, mtbikers have to carry their bike
  • The Forestry allows mountainbiking only during daytime, starting one hour after sunrise until one hour before sunset.
  • Mtbiking is only allowed from 20. April to 31. October (such rules often exist in Austria)
  • A way is blocked by snow, or avalanche danger in winter, but there are no fixed dates for this (this could be a general blockade applicable to everyone, or maybe not including skiers, snowmobilers, etc...)

The absolute minimum of tags related to mtb use should be created. Wherever possible general acces tags should prevail (they are under rework right now).




Could be added on mtb specific maps to the name of the way so that it's displayed. Or included to info fields that show on mouseover.........


Not yet