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We might have come to a point where there is many data in the database, but sometimes we don't know if it as been surveyed, if it is correct or if it needs some more work. And the current model of osm is to move arround, take a note on something and go back to the database to see if it match our note or not. So loosing an extra amount of time doing something that has allready been done.

Validation tools have been set up but sometimes, they don't know if an alerte should be raised or not, and that set of tags will help them

Example of problem

The first example that comes to my mind is name=*

When you come across a feature with no name=* you don't know what's really going on between :

  • Does this feature have no name ?
  • Didn't the mapper who tagged it know it's name ? (think of street tagged based on imagery)


Here I am proposing a global tag format to this problem to be extensible on a quite "normalized" way to many possible problem case. without need to find a new tag each time, by the fact that because it's under the validate: namespace, a mapper or validation tool will know it concerns a data about the data.

Having also a quick and efficient way (read : by a bot) to filter those tag out, remove them.

Additions to this tag would be first discussed and voted on a separte page and then added to the list of possible "validate" values

Applies to

Any object

Tag, Values and Usage

  • Do not ABUSE those tags, if you don't know, just don't use them, they are made for when you know that there is (no_ref, no_name, no_something)
  • Do not use them just to shut up a validator survey the place first !
Proposal key /value meaning
validate:no_name=yes The object has no name=*, and a search has been done to confirm that.
validate:no_name=no_sign There are no ways to find the name=* based on a local survey. No needs to go there again in a short term.
validate:no_ref=yes The object has no ref=*, and a search has been done to confirm that.
validate:no_ref=no_sign There are no ways to find the ref=* based on a local survey. No needs to go there again in a short term.

other meta tags ideas

support by tools

Current usage

See validate:no_name=* and validate:no_ref=*

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