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Operational Status
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: brycenesbitt
Tagging: operational_status=*
Applies to: node,area, way, relation
Definition: Is this facility fully functioning as designed?

Rendered as: not rendered
Draft started: 06-28-2013

Used to document an observation of the current functional status of a mapped feature.


A toilet building that suffered a fire, but will probably be repaired, might be tagged:


  • operational_status=operating Facility was observed to be operating and serves its basic function (with no tag this is the default).
  • operational_status=needs_maintenance Facility serves its basic function, but something is broken or missing.
  • operational_status=restricted Facility serves its basic function, but there is some limitation.
  • operational_status=closed Facility does not provide basic functionality and cannot be used at all
  • operational_status=unspecified Same as no tag at all.
  • operational_status:note=* Free form text describing above, should be present in almost all cases.
  • operational_status:date=* Date of last check. Where editor support is available, software will insert current date.

Comparison to other Lifecycle tags

  • operational_status=* for facilities that are intended to remain in operation
  • disused=yes for facilities that have ceased operation, but still exist on the ground
  • disused:oldtag=oldvalue for facilities that have ceased to exist on the ground (e.g. building is a vacant lot). Use this tag when you want to hide the existence of a facility from routing or mapping agents.
  • wetap:status used for water tap mapping

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