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Proposal status: Approved (active)
Proposed by: Head
Tagging: amenity=conference_centre
Applies to: node, area
Definition: A conference centre (AE: convention center)

Rendered as: A person standing behind a speaker's desk.
Draft started: 2010-08-31


A conference centre (British English) or convention center (American English) is a place where large groups of people come together to deliver (and listen to) speeches on topics such as science or business. The conference centre is a large building (or a complex of buildings) and features one or more auditoriums as well as smaller seminar rooms. Conference centres are often operated by universities, research institutes, municipalities, or private companies.


Typical conference visitors are not familiar with the city at which the conference takes place. They need a map that shows them how to get to the conference centre, what amenities are available near it, etc.


  • Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center, London, UK (website, OSM)
  • bcc Berliner Congress Center (website, OSM)


If the conference centre only consists of a single building, add the tag amenity=conference_centre to the building. If it is a building complex, tag the surrounding area. Don't forget to tag name=*, operator=*, website=* etc.

If possible, map additional detail, such as amenity=parking, amenity=cafe, etc. For large centres, Indoor Mapping might be a good idea.


This tag should not be used to tag exposition centres. An exposition centre is mainly composed of large, level halls, while a conference has auditoriums with many seats. There is a proposal for exposition centres, see Proposed features/Events centre.

For a venue at which a variety of arts are performed or conducted, use amenity=arts_centre instead.

Applies to

Nodes, areas


A person standing behind a speaker's desk would be nice, but I'm not sure whether it can be drawn without using too much detail.


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