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Events centre
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: PanierAvide
Tagging: amenity=events_centre
Applies to: node, area
Definition: A place where events with a huge amount of people happen. For example, exhibition fairs, conventions, conferences

Draft started: 2014-10-29



Hall of an exposition centre
Hall of a conference centre

This proposal aims to describe places where huge events happen, like exhibition halls, exposition centres, convention centres, and conference centres. They host regional, national or international events. They have dedicated buildings and services.

We distinguish two categories :

However, we frequently see some sites who belong to those two categories (Hong-Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, San Diego Convention Center, ...).


Currently, there is no clear description of this kind of objects. Some tags are used, but only on a few objects.

Moreover, there is a confusion between the different kinds of events centre. The idea is to create a comprehensive tag to make it simple to describe.


To tag events centre, two situations :

  • When there are no other choices (low-quality imagery), put a node node on the estimated centre of the object. Put the tag amenity=events_centre on it.
  • When it's possible, we will describe events centre with an area area.
    • If the events centre is a single building, put amenity=events_centre on the building area. Also add building=* to know that it's a building and not a land area.
    • If the events centre contains several buildings, create an area to describe the whole site. Put amenity=events_centre on this area. It's not necessary to add the events_centre tag on each building in the area.

Then, you may precise the kind of events centre, to do this use events_centre=* :

Additional tags

To describe further the events centre, you can add those tags.

  • name=* : the name of the centre, for example San Diego Convention Center
  • operator=* : the name of the company which manages the centre
  • contact=* : contact details

Objects in the events centre area

Some features can be commonly found in events centre.


The scheme in this proposal has been applied on some examples.

  • Exhibition centres
    • way Parc expo Rennes aéroport : an exhibition centre in France (as a land polygon), which also hosts some cultural events.
    • relation Le Chorus de Vannes : a smaller exhibition centre in France (as a site relation).
  • Conference centres

Features affected

As this kind of object is not really described, no feature is really affected. A wiki page will be created to document this tag.


  • Use exhibition instead of exposition as events_centre=* sub-key, as the term is already used in OSM.

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