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Defines the function of a given room. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: buildings
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)should not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
Documented values: 2
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Status: in use

The room=* key is used to mark rooms inside a building, which is a space surrounded by walls and doors. This is useful when mapping indoor spaces.


To tag a room, create an area area (preferred) or a node node and add indoor=room. The room=* key allows a user to precisely define the function of a given room (see values below).

To add more details, you can use these tags :

  • name=* : the room name
  • ref=* : the room reference/number
  • level=* : the level of the building where the room is located (recommended)

You may also add room entrances, see entrance=* and door=*.

Common values

This is a list of commonly used values for rooms.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
room entrance area The first room of a building after passing the main entrance, if any.
Vestibule d’honneur 1.JPG
room office node area An office room. Use office=* on the whole or part of the building.
room class node area A room=classroom, where a reduced amount of students can learn from a teacher and work in groups
22a Agribusiness Teaching Center.jpg
room corridor area A corridor, see also indoor=corridor.
Birger Jarlspassagen January 2015 01.jpg
room stairs area A staircase, a room containing stairs. Combine with highway=steps for routing.
room toilet node area A room containing one toilet only, use amenity=toilets for the area where all toilets are collected.
Toilet (8791385977).jpg

See Taginfo for most used values, or the list of other values below.

Avoid these values

Avoid using the following common values, they add no information and can cause confusion.

Key Value Comment
room yes No need to add this tag, since indoor=room already defines a generic room
room shop A shop, use shop=* instead.
room store Ambiguous, can be a shop or a storage room. Use shop=* or room=storage instead.
room toilets A room containing several toilets, use amenity=toilets instead.
room restaurant A restaurant, use amenity=restaurant instead.
room reception amenity=reception_desk

Other values

The following list contains some values, derived from the CityGML Spec V1.0 from SIG 3D. The possible collisions still have to be discussed. Maybe we should remove values like bedroom as we only tag public buldings like train-/underground stations, universities, libraries etc.

Key Value Element Comment SIG 3D code
room entrance area Typically the first room on the way into a building=entrance 1510
room living node area 1000
room bedroom node area beds=* 1010
room kitchen node area kitchen=* 1020
room hall node area 1030
room bath node area amenity=public_bath 1040
room washroom node area 1040
room toilet node area amenity=toilet 1050, 1390 (guest)
room stairs node area highway=steps 1060
room utility node area utility=* 1080
room dining node area Idem SIG 3D 1740 1090
room common node area designation=common 1100
room party node area office=political_party 1110
room nursery node area Nursery 1120
room store node area TBD: store = storage or store = shop? 1130, 1150, 1350, 1790 (cool), 2760 (tools, pipes), 3060
room workshop node area workshop=* 3030
room storage node area depot 3040, 3050 (cold)
room kitchen node area kitchen=tea,coffee 1140, 1540 (tea, coffee), 1820
room canteen node area amenity=canteen 1140, 1820
room gallery node area tourism=gallery 1160
room balcony node area balcony=* 1160
room terrace node area terrace=* 1170
room drying node area Proposed features/drying 1180
room heating node area heating=* 1190
room fuel depot node area Proposed features/industrial=fuel depot 1200
room hobby node area shop=hobby 1210
room stable node area building=stable 1220
room hovel node area 1220
room conference node area amenity=conference_centre 1320
room reception node area camp site=reception 1330
room sales node area 1340
room delivery node area delivery=* 1360
room common node area leisure=common 1370
room lounge node area Proposed features/Lounges 1370, 1810
room escalator node area escalator=* 1380
room strong node area 1400
room office node area see also Key:office 1500, 1070 (home office), 1300 (cash), 1310 + 2030 + 3120 (tickets), 3390
room elevator node area maybe shouldn't be tagged as room, see also Elevator 1520
room canteen node area amenity=canteen 1530
room archive node area archive=documents,music ... 1550, 2010 (music)
room conference node area amenity=convention_centre 1570
room copier node area 1580
room blueprint node area 1580
room information node area information=* 1590
room computer node area shop=computer 1600
room printer node area also plotter etc 1610
room reception node area amenity=reception_desk 1700
room guest node area guest_house=* 1710
room bar node area bar=* 1720
room breakfast node area breakfast=* 1730
room dining node area Idem SIG 3D 1090 1740
room celebration node area 1750
room pub node area amenity=pub 1760
room beer garden node area amenity=biergarten 1770
room restaurant node area amenity=restaurant 1780
room bowling alley node area leisure=bowling_alley 1800
room shoot alley node area shooting=* 1800
room stage node area theatre:type=stage 1900
room auditorium node area 1910
room vip node area 1920
room projection node area Projection 1930
room dressing node area amenity=dressing_room 1940
room cabin node area building=cabin 1950
room showroom node area 1960
room equipment node area 1970
room props node area Idem SIG 3D 2080 1970
room make-up node area 1980
room recording studio node area studio=* 1990
room sound studio node area studio=audio 2000
room administration node area amenity=administration 2020
room library node area see also Tag:amenity=library 2040, 3380 (school library)
room media node area Media 2050
room dressing node area Idem SIG 3D 1940 2060
room sport node area sport=* 2070
room equipment node area Idem SIG 3D 1970 2080
room platform node area public_transport=platform 2090
room swimming-pool node area leisure=swimming_pool 2100
room slide node area playground=slide 2110
room relaxation node area 2120
room sauna node area leisure=sauna 2130
room fitness node area sport=fitness 2140
room solarium node area shop=solarium 2150
room catering node area 2160
room showers node area amenity=shower 2170
room tribune node area 2200
room cash point node area 2220
room vivarium node area 2230
room enclosure node area 2240
room aquarium node area tourism=aquarium 2250
room terrarium node area 2260
room aviary node area zoo=aviary 2270
room menagerie node area 2280
room stables node area 2290
room greenhouse node area building=greenhouse 2300
room food silo node area man_made=silo 2310
room hayloft node area 2320
room motor pool node area Idem SIG 3D 2410 & 2730 2330
room barn node area building=barn 2340
room riding node area 2350
room horse node area 2360
room hunting lodge node area 2370
room waste container node area 2400
room motor pool node area Idem SIG 3D 2330 & 2730 2410
room washing-bay node area 2420
room installations node area 2430
room treatment installation node area 2490
room recycling installation node area 2500
room monitoring node area 2440
room heating system node area Idem SIG 3D 1370 2450
room public utility use node area 2460
room pump node area man_made=pump 2470
room effluent treatment node area 2480
room chancel node area 2600
room sacristy node area 2610
room bell tower node area tower:type=bell_tower 2620
room baptism node area Proposed features/ritual bath 2630
room confessional node area 2640
room benches node area 2650
room pulpit node area 2660
room lobby node area 2670
room parish node area 2680
room chapel node area building=chapel 2690
room headquarters node area 2710
room prison cell node area 2720
room motor pool node area Idem SIG 3D 2330 & 2410 2730
room relaxation node area 2750
room emergency call center node area 2770
room arms depot node area 2780
room ammunition dump node area 2790
room vehicle hall node area 2800, 2740 (emergency vehicle)
room panic node area 2810
room satellite receiver node area 2900
room communication node area 2910
room industrial node area industrial=* 3000
room production node area 3010
room factory node area 3020
room station concourse node area 3100
room track node area 3110
room waiting node area 3130
room engine shed node area 3140
room signal node area 3150
room departure terminal node area 3160
room check-out counter node area 3170
room check-in counter node area 3180
room check node area 3190
room baggage carousel node area 3200
room security check node area 3210
room class node area room=classroom 3300
room staff node area 3310
room break node area 3320
room recess node area 3320
room laboratory node area laboratory=science, computer, chemical, electronics ... 3330, 3360 (science)
room utility node area Idem SIG 3D 1080 3340
room media node area Idem SIG 3D 2050 3350
room sports node area Idem SIG 3D 2070 3370
room lecture node area room=lecture_hall 3400
room refectory node area 3410
room function node area 3420
room carrel node area See also room=carrel

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